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Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year 2012!

Hello! Firstly, I wanna greet everyone,

Today is 初一,where every Chinese gather at, most of it at their grandparents' house to visit.
The adults catch up with the other adults, while the unmarried cousins happily get angpaos ^^.
My mother said 'I hate to 过年 (go through CNY) because its where your father and I spend money and you and your brothers get money'.
Hahah, sad but true xD

The first day of the Chinese New Year is very important, every relatives and cousins gather at my Ahpo's house (how we call her, my grandmother).
Last year and this year we had steamboat, suddenly change :(
I remember last year Chinese New Year season, I hate steamboat for 4 consecutive days - one on family reunion dinner, another at Ahpo's house, another at my Dad's friend's house and the last one with my friends in my house. All 4 days having steamboat. Eat until I scared.
Because my Dad says, who want to cook? Very troublesome some more have to arrive there early to prepare and everything.
So, yah... One thing I don't really like about steamboat with all my relatives is, because me and my brothers are always the last one to eat, by the time the soup is filled with different kinds of DNA. Get it? So its pretty disgusting but I bear with it because by that time the soup is the most delicious. :)
Think about the bright side Xiaoyu.

My brothers and I! Nice pic I like.
There were people whom I can't recognise them so I asked my Dad how to address them.
But I just "hello, happy new year! Gong xi fa cai!" and that's that.
There are new generation too! ^^ Which make my Ahpo a great-grandmother!
My Korkor, which is my father's brother's son is already married, and had two sons!

This is one, dunno is the elder one and his name. Chubby max!
The other one, and my Korkor's wife. The baby was crying, and my cam had the 'children function'  at the LED screen so I caught his attention and he stopped crying. *Angel from above*
See?! He stopped crying. Jiejie was pointing at the screen. *Holy Angel to comfort babies*
It's pretty awkward because there's so many people gathering in the house and bags were on the sofa, so practically I stand 90% of the time.
Because I'm tall, without fail my relatives will be comparing heights and saying remarks like 'wah can be model liao hor!' or 'you go be model lah!' so on. Then I'll be very paiseh x.x

Then finally my brothers and my turn to eat.
My favourite steamboat ingredients? CHEESE TOFU AND PRAWNS!!!!
I keep on spamming the cheese tofu OMG it's so delicious.
But I told myself that I should control what I'm eating and all... GAAAH CAN'T RESIST! OMMNOMNOM!!

Every year, my relatives and cousins, after they have eaten their fill, they will hurriedly leave the house and then, my family will be the last one to leave.
We clean all their prawn shells, their fish bones, whatever they spat on the table.
Shit sia, its always my family clearing things, but oh well, seeing my father chatting with Ahpo just makes me happy :)

While my parents were having their meal with Ahpo, I notice something about the water dispenser.

Can you see the label?
It's Dunhill. The world's finest cigarettes or so they claim.
So I thought, among the brothers only my father smoked (so far I've known lah), so did he smoke like a certain number or packets to get this thing? What the..
Its my imagination.. my imagination..

Afterward my mother brought us to Second Aunt's house for visit, my Dad walk home cos he lazy to hail a taxi, knowing that it is hard to get one.
Saw my cousin and chat with them, watch TV, eat, etc.
That is our last stop before we cabbed home.
First thing me and my brother do when we reached home:

© Copyright. :B
LOL, this is my first time making a Rage comic. Cool.
Tomorrow like no plan, maybe going over to my First Aunt house..
Looking forward for tomorrow! How was your Chinese New Year guys? :D

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