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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Learning Journey with 5/1

A very good evening to everyone!

I just woken up from my afternoon nap, don't know why I'm so tired after Learning Journey. Maybe because we have to walk around to tour the place?
So this year's learning journey is my last, and the venue is Jurong Bird Park.
I wanted Zoo, but one classmate of mine remarked that going to Zoo to smell the poo.
Then if so, why still got many people go? =_=
Jurong Bird Park wasn't that bad either. I remember for Sec 1 & 2 my class went to Changi Airport Terminal 2; then in Sec 3 was Singapore History Musuem, slightly better but boring; in Sec 4 was Resort World Sentosa, but we din't get to play the rides there.
Darlene finally got her mandarin oranges from me, my Mum gave her 4. ^^
So got into a relatively good quality bus, cheh.
Our tour guide was also very nice and friendly! Pity that my class boys were talking to themselves, so it seems like she was talking to herself.

Mine on the left, Eve's on the right!
Quick pic! I'm not my best when I'm on the right :(
We got our tickets and off we go! I spotted black swans if I'm not wrong when stepped onto the ground.
The first bird we saw was cute almost cuddly creature:

African Penguins! Endangered species :(
They swan backwards and scratch their body! Eee why so cute?!
This bird refuse to turn no matter how I called it. LOL penguin photo bombed
Okay lah at least better than nothing
I wanted to see more of these adorable penguins!
Cos when they stand, they looked blur blur one, and always flapping their wings.
The tour guide brought us into a bigger area where more penguins lived. OMG OMG!

See the penguin I circled? All along its been staying they, dazing. 100% cuteness! #ForeverAlone
Ice! *Pwishh*
I thought they'd rolled around.. *Disappointed*
Scratching its body with its beak! Hehe furry furry animal.
I couldn't remember all of the penguins name but I know that the Emperor Penguins are devoted fathers.
They put their young on their feet and stay hungry for 6 whole months without eating until the chick hatch. Aww... ain't that nice. I've been listening to the tour guide! :D

Next we move to the flamingos and macaws!
There were a lot of flamingos in their home, and there's specifically one tall, outstanding flamingo.
Its slightly less-pink than the others, and Eve guess it was the grandfather or grandmother.

I can't spot where is it! 
Damn forget it
The tour guide enlighten us on how flamingos get their colour pink is because of their diet.
Shrimp if I'm not wrong, and they ate the pigment that's why they are pink.
The more pink = the healthier?
Now for the colourful and bright macaws!


Basically the tour guide told us why macaws are so colourful is because... I forgot. I was busy taking pictures I didn't pay attention to her..

She then brought my class to the World of Darkness where the owls lived!
She said it was so dark that she won't be able to see us and neither could we, turns out she's lying.
If so, we would bump into each other.
We can't on flash on our cameras so its pretty hard to make out what comes out in the photo.

Can you see? Max. zoom in. Its staying on its nest, how cute
A very big owl. It even turns 180° for us! Then we all 'whoa!!' 
It was a short walk-through ah, we can see it with our own eyes but my cam couldn't capture much :(
There is a show starting at 11am so we grab good seats and patiently wait for the show to start! *Excited*
The show began with white birds flying! The audience go 'whoa...'
First up - flamingos!

The entertainer :)
Beautiful isn't it? TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
Next up, we have our charming macaws!

The mascot! 
Competition between Berry and Cocky!
I don't know whether I spelled 'Cocky''s name correctly, but that's how the trainers called the bird on the right.
My side were cheering for Cocky while the other side cheered for Berry.
They played 2 rounds of games, both rounds Cocky wins! Woohoo! Go Cocky! xD

In the show, the trainers told us to be conservative, because the birds' lives are in danger due to water pollution like those plastic bags and all. Really good show I'd say.
Then we had pelicans!

They were going to the food master. xD See the pelican mascot on the right?
Argh blur! The one flying damn kan chiong sia.
I always imagine pelicans were birds that brought babies in their mouth. Too much cartoons I guess.
As the trainer escort them back, got one naughty pelican refuse to and run one circle around the table before running back into its home. Hahaha brought laughter to the audience.

Guess what's next?

Parrot! Sorry I forgot the name T.T
It greets us! So cute! Sounds weird but can understand!
It sang '客人来' and 'Rasa sayang' for us!
There are 2 audiences whose birthday is today. both are Riversidians! One of them is Arshad!
xD (It's also the i-couldn't-make-out-what-bird-is-that mascot's birthday), so it sang 'Happy Birthday' song to the birthday kids! :)

The show lasted about 30 minutes. Once the show ended, we went to take the tram to sight-see some more birds.
Damn it was super crowded with all those tourists and Riversidians, one foreigner push me aside and just walk off. F*ck you woman, don't you have any basic manners?

Look at Afiq! Eyes of a camera
Darlene, Eve, Me, Hasz. Haha xD
Once we reached our destination, its about eagles, Lory Loft and more.
The visitors can feed the birds there! It's actually an enclosed forest, so the birds and roam freely without leaving the park.

So close to me! OMG
There were like 3 of 'em! Have the urge to touch them but resist. x(
There's more to see!

A proud eagle. Majestic.
Why my camera focus on the cage?!
Then we go to dinosaur descendant:

This ostrich actually POSES for our cameras! Tour guide says it likes cameras. (see the way it stands)
It looked into my camera! Woohoo! I am the Chosen One. ITS SMILING TO ME?! OMG OMG OMG I MUST BE THE ONE!
After that we have a break, so we can either view the waterfall or buy some snacks to munch on.
Eve and I rest awhile before checking the waterfall.

On the pathway we saw this bird roaming freely:

(No frame, forgot to edit) Look like modified chicken
Waterfall was magnificent, but din't take any photos, many people are taking so didn't have the chance to.
While we were heading back the tram, I saw this bird on the floor very near to me!

Very brightly coloured, almost neon-like
Picture by Wafir, damn near to him
As we wait for the tram, the tram before us was full (obviously), and my class being over-friendly, wave and said 'hi' to the other tourist. They smile and wave back.
Darlene tried something different, she said 'annyeong hasaeyo' and the I saw the tourist turn to her friend like 'eh how they know we Koreans?', then they 'annyeong hasaeyo' back!
Darlene said 'eh try something different ah' so I said 'kimchi!' and the Koreans laughed. They laughed!
One of the Koreans shouted 'Seo Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), 4 minute!' and Darlene shouted back '2NE1!'
Hahaha! Funny interaction with the Korean tourists! We are so friendly!
When the tram took off, they wave goodbye and speak Korean language.

On the tram, we practically greet every tourists we see and the boys and the back, will be like saying something funny and loud that the whole tram laughs.
Ahh.. that's why I love my class ♥
Sadly, it was our Learning Journey together :( I'm glad we chose a good venue to go to! :)
That is the end, hopefully there are more excursions in future!

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