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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve & Christmas!

Good morning!
First of all, I want to wish everyone a 

Yup, its Christmas!!
Which means it's the season of giving, and by giving I mean forGIVING. :)
Yup! its the time to forgiving your family and friends and everyone, and give out all the presents!
I don't really celebrate Christmas Day but I just celebrate cos everyone's doing it and it seemed fun!
Its a holly season ^^

So on Christmas Eve, which is yesterday, I celebrate with my gang, sadly some are unable to make it as they are working :(
We went to Cineleisure to watch a movie. The plan was not very special or well-planned cos we ran out of ideas what to do in Singapore, especially in such occasions.
Snow spray? I dunno.
We were decided what to watch, in the end we watched

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

LOL I copied from Cathay Cineplexes' website and it became like this. xD

Its a thriller, action, secret spy movie.
I especially admire Tom Cruise's movie! Well maybe not he direct but with him inside the movie.
The movie was so damn cool and exciting!
I screamed in the theatre twice cos of the pain the actor have and I imagine myself as the actor. One scene was Tom Cruise use a glue glove to climb the building, then suddenly there's no more glue and he slipped down, and hit himself hard in the face. Ouch.
Sorry for the spoilers though!
It was a very nice movie, highly recommended.
In fact, the theatre was entirely full with people. No joke, and we sat in the second front row.
Rated 4.5 guns out of 5.

My 3 beautiful girls.. I really.. really love them..
Hehehe her trademark 'hamster face'!!
Buey song ah har??
My 2 models.
After the movie, we walked around Somerset and wanted to slack at Coffee Bean, but it was full.

Sarah Jessica Parker 
There's a lot of candid photos cos there's too many people there to take a decent one.

Traveled to another place, which I forgot, for Starbucks.
Jianxiong was famished, so we went to Somerset 313 to have dinner.
Dinner was okay, after that we trained to Clementi to visit Serene and have dessert and her working place!
Its Hong Kong dessert, but I only drank Milk Tea cos I was very full.

Guess what these goons are up to?
Presenting: Ryanonkey v2.5.5
I have no idea what are they doing.

Then we slacked at Mac and we told some lame jokes.
Seriously damn lame, after we said it, it was so cold.
Oh well, its Christmas today, will be going out later. ^^
Once again, I wish all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND STAY HEALTHY ♥ ♥ ♥

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