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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sisters' Shopping ♥

OMG please treat this post as yesterday, 9/12/2011.
I must really force myself to on the com and blog! :@
Maybe when I go out I should go home early... But that'll means I will miss out fun parts :(
So anyway, yesterday I went out with my closest Sisters - Pauline & Eve! ♥
My Da Jie, Er Jie and me!
It's been so long since we went out together, the last time I know was 2008?!
I dunno cos in my photo album the last one was one 2008, but I think we have went out sometime in 2009 and 2010 bah...
We head to Bugis first, but not much so we just trained to Far East Plaza.

So, supposedly it was a back-to-school shopping trip, but Paul doesn't need to since she already graduated, but still she's with us! :D
I wanted to buy quite a lot of things, especially school bag, but at the end of the day all I got was bo liao stuff :(
This is the bo liao stuff I bought:
• China Glaze Shower Together
• N.Y.X Doll Eye Mascara (Volume)
• e.l.f foundation brush
• safety pants
And the only thing I strike off in my shopping list was 2012 Weekly Planner.
For those who are looking for 2012 planner, and very cute designs not those ugly and plain black designs, you can head to Takashimaya, the first building with Chanel & L.V., go into Kinokuniya.
That place is heaven for bookworms, but the planners are all in 'Accessories'.
I tell you, that place got A LOT OF FREAKING NICE AND CHIO PLANNERS.
It is not just a simple planner, it reflects yourself. Cheh lol wth?
They got Hello Kitty, Melody, Carebears, etc.
I'm not sure whether they have daily planners but they definitely have weekly and monthly.
I suggest those who are getting get the weekly ones, its better lah. In my opinion ah.

Da Jie left earlier cos she have to attend church, so left with me and Eve.
She's hella funny when we go shopping.

The lighting suck :(
Ahh, a decent picture. :)
I couldn't stop laughing too. Seriously. I ♥ her :) And my Da Jie too ♥ FEP got this flea that is not over yet! Woohoo!
It's at first floor, near the fountain.
After we got our things we found a seat and rest. Aaahhhh.....


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