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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Apple of my I.

Hiiiiiiiiii :)
OMG please M1 please come sooner!!
They're coming tomorrow :B
Yes, this post is an one day later post.
I have no internet, bro's not home (so I can't use his com), and its late at night :(

So yesterday, I went out with my Sister! ♥
I wanted to watch "You're the apple of my eye", so we head to Cine and buy the tix.

Sist's friends were there cos they went for a job interview earlier on and also watching a movie in Cine.
After we bought the tix, we went to eat. Hehehehe, we had so much to talk!
It's been so freaking long since we went out!
She cut her hair! T.T
Her long long hair to short hair, so not use to it!

Of course, its NC16, but its so niceeeee.
Plus, the main actor is handsome so that gives some bonus points.
There are some movies that actually make me LOL like Rush Hour 1,2,3 , Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Nights, White Chicks, Jack Neo Movies and more.

The third guy :B
Apple of my Eye shall be rated 5 dicks out of 5. ( You'll know why I give that term when you watch the movie ;) )
I hope there will be more movies like this in future so I can laugh!!
Then... we walked to Far East to have Pastamania cos Sist have been craving for their potato salad.

We walked around FEP first, but couldn't find what I was finding.
During dinner, we crap a lot and she gave me many lame jokes.
Like this one:
Why did Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong only run in the afternoon? (Hint: something to do with his position)

It is damn lame I tell you, I thought I was lame enough but who knows, she appeared. :B
We laughed while having dinner, which is very ugly...
Then we went back to FEP again and this time we found xiao chi and dressing sales!
They have this mad O.P.I and China Glaze sale!! O.P.I at $9/normal bottle & CG @ frigging $8/normal bottle!
So I bought 3 colours of China Glaze and one knitted sweater. Satisfied :)
Trained home and was dead tired.

Today I went to cut my hair, and it cost me 20 buck. RIP-OFF!!!
But well at least I liked it... But I still feel very cheated :(
Next time bring my mother there. Or is it because they see me young student then anyhow give price.
That's all, byebye!


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