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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Class chalet 2011 @ Aloha Changi

Hellooooooooo lovelies! ♥
Its been like ages since I've blog, guess my blog had become ancient already.
Why some of my pictures can't load har? Make me so mad! >:(
So the reason why I am not blogging, or rather, using the com, is because my internet had expired since the beginning of November, and in the month I have work at Popular Bookfest.
That's why I'm busy with all these stuff and after my work end I got class chalet.
So... here I am! Back from the chalet! :D
My com's down, so it sucks not to be able to use com.
I can hotspot by using my phone but its damn slow :(

So I shall start my blogging!

Firstly, I met my class at Woodlands to bus down to our chalet.
The journey is veryyyyy long around 2 hours, cos its located at Changi.
And when we reached there, I was shocked that the Old Changi Hospital is in front our chalet.
Yes the haunted Changi blah blah blah.
At night when Darlene and the guys were doing the dishes, they were spooked by it because in front of them is a window and they can see the building.
So we settle down, and my first impression of the chalet is it looks like kampong.
Like, those elderly living in the kind of housing.

The sea view! :)
The cat that was resting around our chalet!
Sup Fiq
Already resting hehe
So there are Pros & Cons about the chalet we are living for 3 days:

• It is waaay bigger than the previous chalet we stayed in the last two years.
• It's got a kitchen, 2 refrigerators, microwave and 3 toilets.
• It is located near the sea.
• There are enough room for those who are over-nighting.

• The first step I took, the floor was mad sandy like a sandstorm just flew over.
• Way to old and dusty, machiam no one clean for ages.
• Too many insects invaded the house (cos it was near the trees and all?)
• Located very deserted, very 'inside' .
• Have to walk like 2.4km to get food or see civilization. LOL.

We watched MAMA 2011 cos it was on that day and it was also our entertainment.
Ms Kok and Mr Teo bought pizzas for us and we were glad to have them in the house! :D
We played cards too like Picturika, Indian Poker, Stress, etc.

the game Stress. I starting playing, then it spread. it can ruin friendship, beware!
Indian Poker! Mr Teo intro to us. Loser = smallest number = forfeit = gulp down drink

I miss them..
Shihui - Kaili - Yingjing
I din't take much photos because I myself was having too much fun in the chalet.
First night Eve, Jingxuan, Shara, Zul and I went to the coffee shop to have supper.
We ate dimsum and drink tea. Heheh like coffeeshop uncles and aunties. xD
It was already dawn, but we slacked around the neighbourhood.
The rest of the boys went for cycling, and they said they wanted to enter the OCH but there was policemen patrolling around. Too bad.

The next day was BBQ day!
Firstly we went to Subway to have our breakfast. Mmmmm so damn nice.
Lets just skip to the BBQ part.
The girls came on the BBQ and I missed them so much!
Ahmad, Syuhada, Hafiza, DARLENE ♥♥
We, as girls, its our nature to camwhore... But as I mentioned I din't shoot too much :(

Soooo... LET'S MAKAN!

Let's get cracking!

In the morning some boys went back Woodlands to get food and to Jingxuan's house to get his Kinec.
But he only brought Kinec Sports... But better than nothing!
When we play it was so funny and hilarious with all those actions! Especially Jianxiong's. 太夸张了.

BBQ was nice and success!
And at night there's White Chicks showing on TV! :D

Eyes on the 'chicks'
At home I was complaining I'm hungry, there's nothing to eat and all, so I pick up my lazy bum and walked to the nearest kopitiam and mama shop, which is not near at all, to grab some food.
So I bought this:

I got it in Cheers, and guess how much they sell it?
Freaking $4.20 for 3 cans!!!
But not the big size on, the regular size.
And the best part is.... ITS ALL MY FAVOURITE FLAVOUR!!!
I'm going crazy.
The pink one is so cute and fjksnfjkthioenge.
Ate the chocolate one already, hmmm... Strawberry or cookies next? GAH!

So then, this is the end of my class chalet :)
It's already December, should I find another job or stay home doing homework?
P.S. I miss my colleagues! :(((((((((((((

I'll update soon!


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