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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Girls' Shopping

Hi there.
Now I know why everytime I will have to post one day after the event.
Cos when I reach home it'll be too late and I'm too lazy to on com.
If only I have my own lappy and wireless broadband :T

So yesterday, I had my class girls' outing..
But from 19 girls become 4 girls.
Many girls they either have curfew or parents don't allow.
So only got Eve, Darlene, Kaili and me going out.
We went to Jurong Point first cos Kaylie (my angmoh name for Kaili) want to buy her shoe.
But sadly, she can't find it! It must be very nice and worth it cos she's disappointed ):
Since we have no more business in JP, we headed straight to Bugis.
Woohoo my all-time favourite shopping heaven.

Kaylie say this photo nice. d:

As we reached Bugis, we headed to Iluma cos Eve got bring coupons to redeem Milo Yogurt ^^
Unfortunately she din't bring the packet so cannot redeem.
I was sooo hungry I only ate 2 kou rou bao for breakfast and that's it.
By the time we reached Iluma, my % was only 3% omg.
Darlene bought Subway coooooookies so I bought mine too! ^^
People, you should try the Raspberry Cheese or cheesecake.
So oiishi!!! So chewy also I like I like.
My body is fully recharged :D
After walking around in Iluma, oh yah Iluma got many sale!!!
Got New Look, Cotton On, Adidas and one more shop I dunno the name.
Then we head to Bugis St to do my wish!! ^.^ ♥
My wish is granted wahahahahah and it cost me 60 buck.
Nvm, it worth it :)
Eve had her piercing too, tragus but not in Bugis ah so ex.
Actually on the shopping date I only plan to spent $60 and the rest for food, but I ended up buying a super duber cool tee for only 10 buck!!
After long deliberation... it's a top no one have it! I mean I don't see anyone wearing it lah.
We spent very long in Bugis St, Kaylee looking for her shoe, Eve bought a sexy top and rings, Darlene bought a jean and top which she's super happy abourit. So cute ah.

Hehehe we gotta have some of ourselves eh?
We went to Somerset next to grab dinner, and I regret not having a proper dinner.
Cos later at night I could not sleep! Was hungry like hell ):
So anyway, we went to Cine and bought nail polish! :)
Then when I reached home, I found out that I already have a white one. =3=
In Cine right, at first floor there's this stall that blast music from the speakers.
Its normal lah, but the not-normal thing is there's this guy who is dancing to the music.
And when I say dancing, I meant bouncing up and down, knees bent, and moving your head left to right.
Damn creepy...

The girl on the poster looks really happy
My cam doesn't have much photos, some are in Darlene's.
Oh well, later gonna run errands for my Mother ^^


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