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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's joy?

Good afternoon my friends!
It's November! And soon its December and then soon I'll be working as an adult!
Cheh talk until too far already.
Anyway, yesterday I went to gym with Eve, Kaili & Arshad.
Yeah I wanna tone my arms cos its like... I don't like.
I saw a dancer, she's a choreographer for 2NE1's 'Can't Nobody', and her arms is so refine!!
Here's the link.
The workout is tiring of course.
After we workout, I went back home to freshen up myself and headed to CWP for movie!
Eve felt so drained after the workout and she keep complaining she wanted to sleep and she's all so snobby when we were walking around the mall. d:
And to make her matter worse, it was pouring outside.
Fian, Cong, Yati and Jas were already inside the cinema watching Paranormal Activity 3, Eve and I refused to watch cos I very much hate horror movie, I guess same goes to Eve.
Then after their movie we watched The Three Musketeers! :D
Action movie!
The movie is AWESOME!!!
The guy is so damn cute! Not the 3 musketeers but the new guy, but I don't like his hair though.
Aaahhhhhhh so cute *.*
I give this movie 4/5 swords cos it is funny too xD
Nothing much already, I can't wait for work :)
Gotta do my stuff now, wonder when I'll touch my homework..
Maybe I'll write my name first. Good idea.


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