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Thursday, October 27, 2011

First 'O' level

Greetings Earthlings!
Hahaha, today I don't need to wake up early for school cos my last day of school was on Tuesday, and today I had 'O' level Maths paper 1!
Have to report to school by 1.45pm, but i woke up at 8am+ cos my mom thought it was normal school hours.
So since I've woken up, I couldn't went back to sleep so..... ANIME TIME! :D
I watched like, 10 episodes of One Piece, and felt a liiiiiiiiiiiitle bit guilty for not revising before the paper.
Well, I don't study in the morning so.... yeah excuse accepted.

Went to school and everybody's panicking and nervous here and there, and I brought not even one Maths material...
The paper was do-able lah, but I got a feeling paper 2 is not gonna have mercy.
On my way home in the bus, I chose the wrong seat to sit. =_=
I sat in front of an Express girl, and she was chatting with her Express friend about the paper.
I mean, c'mon, please talk softer leh my brain couldn't take much of the information.
That's not the worse, there are talking about the OTHER SUBJECTS OMG.
Like SS, chemistry.
NOT ONLY THAT (wakao), they are translating everything into Chinese.
For example, chemistry into chinese (wtf I don't even know what is Chem is chinese), 'topic' in chinese', the topic tested (eg. alkane and alkene) in chinese!
Ok the last part is I bullshit one.
Seriously?!?! The paper is oveeeeerr get over itttttt!!
And I heard the friend saying what, must have high expectation, the aggregate must get less than 10 wth.
Anyway, its their life anyway, I'm glad to be in my stream :)
Tomorrow's Maths Paper 2, good luck to all student's taking it ♥

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