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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good news & bad news

Hello everybody!
Today went back for school for this week, tomorrow there's no school ^^
We got back all our EOY results, and of course there are happiness and disappointments..
I've got high expectation for my physics but... meh.
I failed my chinese comprehension, it was very hard and if you dunno how to write the chinese word you want to, you will just get deducted marks or so.
Overall I think, think, I passed all my subjects? :)
Happy happy! But the exams are not over yet, 'O' Level Maths is exactly next week, 27 Oct and 28 Oct, must really work hard for it, like Ms Kok say, 'it's the last lap'.
Gonna work extra hard to get good grade then drop Emaths next year.
I'm also proud of my Geography marks cos I got the highest for it! *beaming with happiness*.
Not bhb or show-off ok, I'm just an average Jane. x)

There are heart-breaking news too, that my assistant-form teacher, Mr Teo, may not be our AFT next year! )):
Damn sad!!!! Its like he's been our teacher for 1 year ++ and that he cannot continue being our AFT all the way??!
What is this!? I mean, the news that he broke to us is unexpected, but he already knew it 2 months ago.
All because of my principal, she doesn't approve of Mr Teo teaching my class next year cos he will be the Sec 1 Assistant Level Dean, so it make sense just to be the FT/AFT of the Sec 1 class. ):
Really damn sad that he's leaving our class!!! But I hope that he will still be teacher our class for Chemistry next year all the way! :T
He's a really nice teacher, very patient in teaching us and always want to answer our questions, like he want to answer every question we have, like he love to answer question like that, like.. you get the point.
So I should really do well for my Chemistry! But my chemistry really CMI...
But after Mr Teo taught the class, cos last time was split class and I got that female teacher (unable to name due to reasons) and my result was horrible.
Still, my Chemistry slowly improve after Mr Teo took over! :D
I guess these kind of things cannot be avoided bah...
Oh well, I shall start planning what to do for my holidays! :D *DAMN EXCITED*
I got a part-time job in Popular Book Fest in Suntec City Convection Hall...
16 Nov to 28 Nov, do visit! ♥


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