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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exams are over!

*Wiping dust* -ahhchooo!-
Hello my babies! :D
Exams are freaking over!!!!!!
Now I can do whatever I want!
But, I still have homework cos I have one 'O' level subject to take this year, which is E-maths.
I'm so excited to see my EOY results! :D
The reasons I work hard for my EOY (erhem :D) is because one of it is to get Edusave Merit Bursary, if I can..
So I can save it inside my bank! ^^
Obviously after exams you have to let your hair down and go out right!
After all the mugging and cooping inside the room reading Kuwait invading Iraq or y=mx+c , yesterday, 17 October Eve, Serene, Jas and I went out Ikea! :D
We were so damn hungry so we ate at Ikea's cafe :)

The meatball there is niceeeee you should go try in when you are in Ikea.
Eve is finding for her room things but unable to buy, Jas & Serene both bought blanket haha.
Then as they pay for their things right, I notice free 'membership' cards hanging at the cashier there, so I ask Eve, 'eh this one, free ah?' Its FREE.
I know I sound kiasu lah but my wallet is empty so all four of us took the nicest 2 and ran away d:
Meh, its inside our Singaporean blood :)

Hehehe ♥
After we went to Ikea we cabbed to Somerset cos Jas decided to go H&M.
It's less crowded, I guess the H&M craze is fading..
I saw a lot of nice woolen sweater I like! But the price ain't appealing to me...
Since Orchard is near Somerset, we went to buy our nails stuff and walked to Far East Plaza :)

The wind was big!
Mmm i love this~ 
My precious girls...
Finally, we got money, got time, and got place to go. :D
And I'm happy that I've cleared my shopping list!
I really can't wait for the September holidays cos I can help do my girlfriend's nails as well as mine!
Walk walk around, the girls were thirsty so we stopped at one eatery and drank Kung Fu milk tea.
I din't buy cos I want save money d:

Chewy but tasteless pearls
Far East also got this Korea Hypermarket or whatever, everything is from Korea! Except some I can find in Sheng Siong, but a few only lah.
I saw this Cheese cup noodle and I grabbed it!
Hehehe cos its the last cup on the shelf already, so I'm guessing its a hot seller d:

I wanted to eat Pepper Lunch, so we travelled to Suntec City just to eat PL d:
I ordered the Cheese Curry Chicken Pepper Lunch.

Gimme a bite please!

Know why I ordered that? Cos its recommended by Xiaxue d:
Its nice but I added too much of the sauce and it became very salty ):
So in the end I did not finish my dinner if not normally I will... SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME Y.Y
After our lunch, we walked around and Eve started to get crazy, and it became contagious...
There is a pet shop there so we went to look at the cute and cuddly hamsters and rabbits!
SUPER KAWAII!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
There's this fat hamster and another one keep fighting for the wheel!
Its seriously damn fat, but the head is so small! *squeels*
I saw 3 hamster eating sunflower seeds together and Eve said that it looked like there are praying.

Dear God, please let there be more sunflower seeds for me. Amen
Tired as we are, we still have some muscles left.

Embarrass ourselves, face kena thrown and stepped by people.
And we wasted our rebound train, cos when we rebound, it terminates at Yishun, so we have to get down at Raffles Place and there, we wasted our seats.
So all the way until our home we are standing. :@
Nevertheless, its been so long since we girls met and its so good to see them again! Never fail to enjoy so much fun with them ♥

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