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Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

Firstly, I wanna say...


Yes, today's officially Teachers' Day and I just came back from Eve's house :)
Yesterday we had plans so I din't blog about the Teachers' Day concert ):
Anyway, so here I am writing about it!

My class were hyped up to celebrate Teachers' Day for our dearest Miss Kok & Mr Teo :)
We've got cake, presents, balloons, cards, laughters, jokes, videos, and such!
It was super fun and exciting!

[ Please bear with the ultra low quality of the photos because it was taken by my iPod and there is lots of pixels ): ]

Omg the pictures are big.... On the left is Brownie and the other one is cheese and chocolate fudge I think. Both cakes bought by Darlene. Thanks sweetie! We all appreciate it ^^


The set-up we had for our form teachers, notice that container over there on the left side of the picture? That is the present for Ms Kok and Mr Teo made by Eve and me! :D
Dunno where the other go to, we also made one box for Li Lao Shi :)

The doodle by Afiq I suppose! It's very artistic and hold loads of meaning of our class!
For example you can see Jing Xuan on the left side, he's known as Monk because he's hair is always like botak except for the 9 dots, and he always, ALWAYS REALLY, sleep in class no matter how hot or stuffy the class can be. So we assume he's meditating.
You also can see Mr Teo holding on to a chemical flask smiling widely; Ms Kok holding a Math book wearing super high-heel and wedding ring on her finger. xD


A better picture of Alfian :)


Arshad, our taekwondo expert who loves to 'accidentally' or 'feel shy' showing his muscles to everyone. :)


Cakes for our teachers! ^^


More brownies@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Omg I'm drooling already.

Boys busy writing messages before Mr Teo comes!

We had Aces Day too, its only RS Dance competition, we din't win ): . But its ok ^^
Celebration in the hall was cool and fun, Mdm Soh was waiting for silence but the school was already screaming their throats out.
We enjoyed the skit, singing, band playing, dancing, fancy drill and our all-time favourite -- new teachers doing up a skit!
Of all the performances by the students, I think the best is the sec 3 Malaysian girl singing 'Hero' by Mariah Carey.
You all think that Malaysian chinese cannot speak English well ah all those, but her singing was so awesome I could break down to tears!
She had a sweet voice and can really pull high pitch! We all cheered and clap for her when she pull out a powerful voice at one point. Kudos to her :)

The skit was funnier than I expected, Mr Xie and another teacher was promoting violence in a sense. x)

After the celebration, we, Ahsiao gang (Me, Eve, Serene, Jas, Cong, Jiahong, Jianxiong, Ryan, Wafir), went to watch Cars 2 in the evening, 'cept for Wafir.

The movie is almost 2 hours long, so you can imagine me chattering in the cinema, I really did chatter my teeth!
Thank Jas for lending me her comfy jacket! ♥
The movie is very meaningful, about friendship.

'Is he your friend?'
'He's my BEST FRIEND!'
'Then why did you ask him to change who he is?'
'... ...'
I rate Cars 2... 4 bumper stickers out of 5.

After dinner, we went to play at arcade.
There's this kid who play basketball likaboss.
Literally, his mother just walk past him, messed up his hair, and walked away.
What the f-?
Anyway we had fun in arcade too, so much laughters!
Then got this malay SCDF guy, played the punching game and almost made it to the high score!
We all shun far far away from him, then he go play the other hitting game, using the tool:
Yah that tool, and he got the high score omg.
Better not mess with SCDF tough guys.

Went to Eve's house ton. I did manicure and she did her pedi.

Tell me, is it nice? Strawberry :B
I'll update soon!

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