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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

H&M in Singapore

Good morning readers! :)
Surprisingly I woke up early today.
I've got a lot of things to do, like I'm so happy I'm occupied with things I can keep myself busy for the holiday.

5 September 2011

Anyway, so Eve & I went to Orchard and our plan was to have a war in H&M.
But................................. after we arrived at Somerset and walked to Orchard building, the queue is fucking long.
WHY?!?!?!?! So in the end both of us din't manage to have a peek inside that mega brand.
Heard in the news in Sunday I think, that one girl said that it was a 3-storey high building. Is that true?!
Can beat Forever 21 already.

So since we didn't get to shop inside H&M, we walked around the town area, and everywhere we go, we see freaking H&M SHOPPING BAGS.
It's like iPhone but bigger in size.
There are literally in every shoppers' hands! :@ That boils me & Eve.
H&M here, H&M there, is frustrating! ):<

But its okay, we got plans too.
Eve's sister joined us for the walk and lunch and stuff, and after that we left to watch The Smurfs!

Smurfs! :D

Eve wanted to watch it badly cos of the mad cuteness, so I agree :)
The movie theatre screen was small, smaller than the Cathay in CWP.
Smurfs was... unfortunately cute!!!
They keep singing 'la la la la la la, sing a happy song!'
And they link every words with 'smurf' like 'smurf-ilicious', 'lets smurf this' .
Super adorable, quite funny too!!
I rate it 4 blue creatures out of 5 :)
Oh yah students, if you plan to watch a movie, you can watch it in Orchard Cineleisure.
Watch it on weekdays, movies starting before 6pm, and the price is freaking 6 bucks and you get a free drink!
Although the drink is like small but its free! d:
There also got sell student price popcorn, $3 only and its small and cute!
That $3 popcorn may look small, but I can double confirm it can last you through the whole movie.
Well, at least for me, I din't finished my popcorn. d:

After the movie, we walked around cine and bought manicure things!
The place is called Beadstreet and the things they sell are very, very, very, CHEAP!
Okay lah, not totally cheap, but really affordable!
I bought 2 nail polishes, 2 fimo sticks (already chopped and put inside a container) and one pair of earrings, and that cost me a freaking $7.90!
If you buy from THEFACSHOP or even Sasa, 2 nail polishes cost you like 6+ or so.
That is a good place to shop at really! Plus they have a variety colours of nail polishes!!!!
Many mad chio shades of pink but I already have quite a lot of pink ):
So I tried out bold and daring colours!

After that, we walked to Far East Plaza to walked around, and I saw a pretty watch I wanted!!!!
But I think extra carefully whether I needs it not, cos my previous watched spoiled but can be fixed...
Then we walked to Somerset 313, the walk is nice, burning of calories after a full dinner.
We had laughters all the way, talking about the movie just now, trying to figure out what the song is, the evil wizard's name and stuff.
After that we just slack in 313 and planning for Jas' birthday :B

There's always a camera in our girlfriend's handbag. :)

H&M Building! Eve took this pic cos of the model LOL.

Got things to do, shall stop here.

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