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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Four Years Of Friendship, Consist of Sadness, Laughter, Tears, But All In A Good Cost

Hello Readers!
As you may know, the result of our new elected President is out!
And he is Dr Tony Tan!
All the candidates are surname Tan, I especially don't like the Tan Jee Say.
For the next election I can vote for the new president already! :D
I heard and saw in Facebook that Dr Tony Tan implemented the new policy of NS - that women need to go serve the army.
What bullshit is that? Others says is the other Tan.
Leadership is key my ass. There will not be any political stability if he really jot down that new law.
I it is unnecessary for women to join the army, after all they still become housewives and make sandwiches for their soldier husbands.
I certainly hope there won't be such law, Dr Tony Tan, please govern Singapore well! :)
I will miss S R Nathan face's in our school hall.
Wonder if our school will add a new face in our staircase wall beside S R Nathan.
Heh, there's so much going on this year.

Hari Raya is coming, on Tuesday?
And we only have school on Wednesday, might as well don't have school 'cause it's the second day of Hari Raya!
After Wednesday is Teachers' Day celebration and after that its holiday all the way.
Don't see a point in that, sheesh.

Since Friday until now, I haven't been going out. )':
Tomorrow I hope to go slack at Serene's house, movie marathon again, but only Cong & I can make it.
The others are preparing for their 'N' levels, I wish them good luck! ♥

Right, I'm already secondary 4 and I am still confused about what to be when I grow up.
My first thought was Fashion Designer / Clothing Designer. But my friends told me that it is hard to be a famous one with all the competition in hand.
So... ):
Next is hair stylist, I love to play with Eve's long hair whenever I have the chance. I love to look at hair tutorials in Youtube and stuff...
Next is Manicurist/Pedicurist. I love painting my nails and helping others too! I create my own patterns even though it seemed to be already created.
Anything regarding the confidence and beauty, I'm interested!
Except for beautician and make-up artist, I don't like.
So yah, I hope to see something I like! :D

Dah, I'm done, will update about teacher's day celebration! ^^


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