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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday Celebration & USS


We celebrate Jasmine's birthday today.
Eve & I went to Somerset first cos we wanted to check out H&M since we din't manage to shop in the other day.
When we arrived, we were glad that there's no queue and we just walk straight in, greeted by man in suit. Hahah!
The things are are pretty but the price are not.
There are some that is affordable and price-to-kill-for but I din't have the intention to splurge my money there cos I feel that its like working people type of clothes.
So we only bought bobby-pins there but the bobby pins is a lot and colourful!
I bought gold, pink and maroon, quality looks good too.
Then we bought Jas' birthday prezzie, a polo-t :)
Eve, Serene, Jas and I have the same polo-t but different colours, so its like friends tee y'know :)
Eve got hungry and we waited for them at KFC.
After eating lunch, we headed to The Icing Room to make or one-of-a-kind cake for Jessie!
I accompanied her as the rest deco the cake.

Photo while the rest deco the cake!
So estimate they have alright done the cake, I go check it out.
As usual, whenever we self-deco cake, it always turns out 'beautiful'.
When I saw I was like 'What the hell is that?!'
Jiahong says 'Its art. Abstract art. The more sophisticated and complicated means its true art'

Beautiful isn't it? At the side there is a big brown spot out of nowhere. 
Then we met up with Fian, Ryan, Jx and Wafir and headed to Marina Bay to have gossip session - our all-time favourite past-time.
And at there we cut cake for our birthday girl! :D

Wow so nicely decorated. :B
Yay! Time to cut the cake! :D
But we didn't manage to talk much in the afternoon, so we just walk into Marina Square I think, nearest to Marina and walk.
That place is for millionaires to walk into.
We just talk and walk and talk then we discuss about where to eat.
After all the discussion and 'dunno, I anything', we decided to eat at ThaiExpress.
The food I ordered was nice and slight spicy, but Ryan and Fian ordered the 4 chilies-sign rice.
And its like fucking spicy the way they sweat and all.
Ryan took off his specs and was perspiring non-stop.

Look at Ryan. Now look at the plate. Now look at Ryan.
Fian is already crying, and the staff refilled his cup like, 5th time?
After dinner, me and the girls went berserk, totally embarrassing ourselves oh God...
Keep touching and slapping each other's flabby arms and all.
It was all cute and funny xD. And its always after a meal our brain seem to have sugar rush.
Sun already set and we plan to chat again, but no suitable place other than Marina.
So we travelled to Marina and have our gossip session.
We chatted about 11pm++ and headed home. Chatting has always been long and 'fruitful' when it is at night.

Playing the guitar to set the mood. Ryan what the hell you're doing?
And of course, we girls have our camwhore times.

Argh the tissue box is such a spoiler! :X
Thats about it. I really hope that Jessie had her day in her birthday celebration!
Today is her officialy birthdate so I wished my dearest friend



Sleep late last night, woke up early next morning.
Gotta prepare and have to reached Eve's house at 9.30, glad that I'm not late ^^
Eve had invited me to go USS with her sisters!
Left about 11am and set our ride to Harbourfront! ^^
When we reached there, we were like 'woooooohooo!!!!!@@#$$ We have entered!'
They have the Express Ticket so whatever rides we take its like a short-cut! xD

Our first photo after we stepped into the wonder place!
The Parp-corn train! LOL at the lady in front of the car.
We walked around and our first ride was the Shrek I think, or was it a not-so-thrilling ride.
Slowly build up the tension and the last ride shall be the ride of my life!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
The Shrek is 4D! The seat is movable and there is water sprayed at us, wind blowed at us - front and back, and something at the bottom of the chair moving that act like spiders moving.
Exciting and fun because its very real and my first time riding a 4D show!
I give it a 6/10 scares, but 8/10 fun :)

We also got that the Mummy ride, that is one hella ride.

The Mummy Place. Eve's big sis and her friend on the left :)
The entrance to the Mummy ride. I always thought what will happen if the figures would come alive. O:
They also have a nickname for me (thanks to ah ong xD). But I don't mind, I actually find it funny xD
This ride has got water sprayed on you, real fire so you will feel hot inside.
Its got bumping into wall, riding backwards, riding backwards DOWN, and DROPPING!!!
The dropping made me like wtf!
I close my eyes and mouth when the car literally drops down!!!
Then we pose for the camera but keep failing.
I give it a 8/10 scares, and the best part is, we all rode it 3 times.
More like Eve and I rode it 3 times, her sisters and friends dunno how much. Pian tai.

Many rides they don't allow photography and video, but one we managed to take pic!
Its like normal roller-coaster loh.

No. 3! Eve's favourite number.
Eve's big sister and her friend! I think its Bryan or Brian I dunno how to spell..
Before the ride!
And off we go! 
We are riding! Woohoo! We look retarded. Who doesn't look epic when riding on one roller coaster?
We are really screaming ok! Just that we look unnatural and stupid. Can't believe my face like...
The view infront of us! :D
Its a fairly good ride. I give it a 6/10 scare, though there is few accelerating downwards but a lot of got sideways.

We also rode on this :

The duo!
We have to press and hold a button to make the flying dinosaur go up and when we released it, we go 'wooahh...'
This is more suitable for kids lah, cos its just go round and round and up and down.
I give it a 1/10 scare and 5/10 fun :)

Next is the best ride of my life!!!!!
THIS ONE!!!!!!

This two rides, red and blue, are sick in the mind.
Look at all the twist and turning!
The red one is fast!!! turning and twisting and going downwards, very scary and dizzy!
I gave it a 8.5/10 scare.
Without resting, Deborah, her friend, Eve's sister friend and I proceed to the blue one.
The blue one is more crazy and thrilling and heart-throbbing.
I promised my heart was at my mouth for a second.
Its more wild than the red one, its got lots of turning and accelerating down.
Also got go into a cold mist and the best part is we got turn 360 so we could see the sky and the rest is just upside-down.

After a fun and exciting day, Eve and I got tired and started walking around.
Then we went home :)
Very funny, learn a lot of funny and silly things from both her sisters xD
Her family have a tradition of calling nicknames! Haha!
I hope to go USS again one day! :D


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