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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Exams and exams

Hey guys!
I ain't blogging recently cos I'm studying for my up-coming exams.
I've got End-of-Year and 'O' Level Maths in October, so I'm going to be very busy and slightly stress for it ):
I was actually quite excited that EOY is here (nerdette, I know) cos it tells me that the year is ending and I can look forward to class chalet, manicures & pedicures, shopping and sleep-overs! ♥

Before the exams I will be like:

During the exams I will be like:

After the exams I will be like:

So I'm working very hard for my exams to pleased my parents, I work hard in school not just for only me, but for my parents.
I want to have a high-paid job and take care of my parents! :D

This post is unnecessary but because I haven't been posting so... yeah. x)
Going to draw!


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