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Saturday, August 6, 2011

School's cool.

Its August now, August there's many celebration and not-so-good days in August.
I've made calenders on August and September. :)

• 8 August: School's National Day celebration, only until 10.30 =_='
• 9 August: National Day! Wonder where will I be going. It's my lil' bro's birthday too! :)
• 10 August: National Day in-lieu. :B
• 11 August - 22 August: Common Test 2, exam AGAIN. When will I start studying?
• 20 August: Jianxiong's birthday, what to get for him?
• 27 August: Presidential Election. Wait, so Nathan is stepping down? Wonder how will the new president like, I hope he/she can manage the country well!
• 29 August: Suppose this date is Hari Raya Puasa celebration, but since got the PE, it will be a school holiday. Half sad-half glad.
• 30 August: Muslim finally break fast :)

• 1 September: Teachers' Day Celebration. This is one of the events in school I enjoy. We shout and scream and cheer and watch all the performance. Really looking forward to it :B
• 2 September: Teachers' Day. The 'chers will have a dinner, sekali is buffet LOL.
• 3 September - 11 September: School Holiday!!!! :D

So basically, from 27 August to 11 September ( except for 31 August where I have full day lessons ), I have the whole 15 days free and fun for myself! Woohoo!
Talk about sleepovers and shopping ♥.♥
Can't waittttttttttt!!!!

Today as I was reading the Cool Facts in my iPod, I found something cool. LOL.

I need to go and check whats 'prudence', and 'temeperance'.
I wiki it, I think 'anger' is suppose to be 'wrath', 'avarice' suppose to be 'greed'?
The pictures I viewed, very hard to tell but I can tell 'Lust' and 'Gluttony', as I view I get more interested in it.
The 'seven virtues', which I personally think, are the main factors for a human being to rise up Heaven? I dunno, I feel that way.

So... last thing to say.
My mother was talking about a person committed suicide in a block beside me.
That person jumped down a building.
Before that incident happened, there's already a funeral under the flat opposite me.
When the funeral take place, my mother say its very suay cos its in the 7th Month Ghost Festival.
Sigh, why do such things happen in such a short time?
I'm done, will update after National Day!

Bloopbloop ♥

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