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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mid-year resolution

Don't you hate it when you fight with your siblings?
I mean, when you're like teenage you mostly verbally fight not physical... right?
I fought with my brothers a lot, and the feeling is definitely not good.
It makes me feel like he's right and I'm in the wrong, and I thought he's in the wrong but somehow he makes it seems like its not.
Anybody have any tips on how to prevent fights or how not to make the fire grew bigger?
I always tried to pretend to ignore but cannot ):

Anyway, school's been a sucker for me.
Common test is like, what, I'm too slack that my A. Maths is dropping.
I feel like I'm so noob at it when people ask me, I just stare and laugh, 'I dunno.'
Classmate's being a bitch, teachers' being a pain in my ass.
Especially those who eat on our recess time and don't release us on time when school ends.
Or like others that kaypo about our class environment.
I'll link this to my home life. My mother wanted my brother to clean his room, she say she really cannot stand it and keep nagging at him to clear.
But he doesn't even care, its his room what.
So if he his own room like that situation and he doesn't care, why my mother cares so much? Of course lah this is mother caring for son but if my brother say, if my mother cannot tahan, she go clear herself loh.

Dunno whether this make sense a not, but some teachers just care soooo much. :T
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them, I just don't see a point why must they care so much.

Don't you have a moment when your teachers calls on you, and you feel like talking back but doesn't have the balls to in case your teacher shoots something smart back at you?
Yeah, I had that, even though I clearly knew I wasn't wrong like talking in class.
But then I thought again, they are my teachers, I should respect them because they are the ones giving us education for OUR OWN future.
... or sucking the joy out of our life?

Oh right, my title.
I talk to God, that I do not want to be rough an rowdy and loud and like... in other words - feminine.
I know when you read this you might go 'what? crazy!' or 'hahahahah never in your life!'.
I dunno, because one day my friends came over to my house, got boys got girls, and hang out.
We had a lot of fun, screaming and laughing, my mother was home.
After my friends left, my mother told me why I behave like a boy. Back in her time if a girl behaves like this that girl won't get married.
Then I started to get scared loh, yes sorry I very superstitious lah or whatever.
Anyway, a girl shouldn't behave like so rowdy what, correct not?
BUUUUUTTT...... everytime after recess, I'll go mad and laugh so much with my friends that I forgot my resolution and went ahead destroying my image.
That, includes scolding vulgar.
... unless in certain situations.. you know.
So far, I haven't reached that target, guess I hope to change myself for the better :)


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