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Friday, July 29, 2011

Eve's eldest sister's birthday party

I am in Eve's house now, it's her big sister's birthday today, so she's having a party in the house tonight :)
Eve & I became maids, she's Yati and I'm Maria haha, but we maids special - we get to eat first.
Then slowly the sister's friends start to come, many people, big party :)
Sad the balloons popped a lot.
Then the guests were all funny and stuff, I think?
Cos I'm not close to Eve's sisters and the friends, I just stick to Eve d:
But she have to entertain the guests lah, I understand she told me beforehand :)
Not like the Shemin, that time Jasmine & I went to her family chalet, wahlao, hosting like shit, pangseh us and go to her cousins.
We wanted to go WWW also cannot. Aiyah, horrible experience with her.
The party got buffet, loud music and of course, laughters :)
Oh!! I received pedicure treatment from Eve, I love it alot!
Its hot pink as base, and have Swarovski crystals on four toes and nail art on the big toe :)
Love it a lot, thanks Eve!

Party is still on-going, I wish Eve's Sister a Happy Birthday & stay pretty always! :)

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