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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ladies' gossips

Last night, I went to Wafir's house to bake cake for Jianxiong's birthday.
Eve, Rahim, Ryan, Danish, Danial and Haziq was there.
Wafir got like everything we need - mixer, bowl, cup for cornflakes, like everything a baker needs.
Very efficient ah.
I brought my cam there but didn't have the chance to take picture ):

We baked chocolate cake, and in the middle of the cake we put gummy bears! :DD
And marshmallow face but it melted into flat shape when it was baked. Sad..
The cornflakes turn out well! Eve bought honey cornflakes and Cadbury white chocolate, to melt.
At first the chocolate started to melt, but it doesn't turn out well and gets very chunky.
So I add a little water and stir and stir, and voila! It worked! :D
Then we poured in the cornflakes and mix, mmmm, smell nice!

Next time I'm gonna buy honey stars and coco crunch plus white chocolate and make my own! With Eve of course, its more fun to have a friend baking with you :)

The next morning we brought the so-called cup cakes and cake to Jianxiong's house, meant to be a surprise :)
The cake have gummy bears, chocolate chips and marshmallow!! AND AND Choo-choo train as deco! Damn cute! xD
We went up to Jx's house and then sang Happy Birthday song to him, he was unexpected!
He said the cake is nice, or is it to give us face? Hehe!
The whole baking thing turn out well, success :)

After that Eve and I traveled to City Hall to get our class t-shirt, the auntie say can collect it after 2pm, and we reached there are 2.15pm, and it's still not open. =3=
We have to wait for the person to come sia, what the hell is that?
Think no business lah, that's why open late.
People, don't go to the shirt printing shop in Peninsula Plaza, I won't say out the name in case I kena sued or something.
When we ordered our class tee in March, we received it in DAMN JULY.
How long was that? We keep rushing the auntie but she always like to drag.
And then when we received it, we were like so happy, but after we wore like 2 times, it became to have some faults. =.=
Then when we bring it back to them to fix it, the auntie say 1 week.
But hella, we collected after 2 weeks. =3=
Nonsense, don't know how to do business.

Anyways, in the train on the way home we chatted all the way and it was funny.
We talked about school and life and blah, hahaha!
I want to do it again with the gang, September holiday is reaching! :)

Oh! And I was connected with my primary school good friend, Arjay, in facebook!!!
We had a special greeting between each other, and he had made my primary school life full of good memories!
Sad he went to different school, I hope to see him around one day!
Imagine you were already working, then you bump into someone familiar, then you realise it's your primary or secondary school friend, how wonderful and great is that!! :D
I was so damn happy :)
Alright now, shall stop here.


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