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Sunday, July 10, 2011

R3 day

Tired of trying to cheer you up,
You just keep a silent mouth,
lying every time when asked 'are you okay?'

R3 day wasn't much, it was yesterday, and everyone have to wake up early in the morning on a Saturday. Absurd.
But I was looking forward for it but it was not as fun as last year..
This year the truck came very quickly, so we were dismissed at around 9am+
So we walked to CWP to had brunch, and Wafir treated me Haagen Dazs ice cream! ♥
It's nice but I don't really fancy it, I want strawberry ):
Anyway, thanks Wafir :)

After brunch we went home, and I bathe, so shiok in a hot weather.
Then I went to take a nap, I had a good dream!!! Never forget it, never.
To think that school starts tomorrow... Sigh.
Really don't wanna go school.

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