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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Class girls' outing to Food Expo

After 1 year and a half of classmates together, this can say is the first girls' outing in our class :)
My class girls' went to to Food & Electronics Bazaar in Singapore Expo, but sadly only Eve, Ying Jing, Kai li, Ivy, Darlene and me can make it.
Oh well, there's always another time! Even though it's hard for some of them to go out ):

This is how the inside of the Food &Electronics Bazaar looks like :)
When I took this photo right, Kai Li says I'm like a foreigner who first time come to S'pore lol.

Eve planned for a girls' outing to the Food Expo cos she sawrit on the newspaper LOL.
So the 6 of us met up at CWP and headed to Expo! ♥
It was a long journey there, Expo Station is like one stop after Changi Station.
We took the MRT from Woodlands to Dhoby Ghaut, then circle line to Paya Lebar, then green line to Tanah Merah, then Tanah Merah to Expo.
Need to change train here and there but we still don't mind, we had loads of talking in the train :D

We have reached there, and walked to Hall 4, on the way we saw an Indian Expo like selling Indian stuff and food, only to realised we were in the wrong hall :S

After that we managed to find it, and we walked around.
It was fewer people as I expected, the hall was half selling food half selling electronics, of course we went to the food section, that's our target.
So we walk and walk to see any nice food or craving we have, the stalls there sells nice foods omg I was already drooling already.
I like to eat, FYI.

The first food I bought was this honey stick. Peach flavoured. It was, honey of course, I rate it 6 bees out of 10. Cos it is very thick and sweet, I don't really like.

Honey stcks!
My flavour is the Peach Honey
Then next food I got the Twisted Potato BBQ Flavoured! Damn nice! But I din't take a photo of it d:
Rate it 8 potatoes out of 10 cos it's very salty and needs to drink lots of water.

Next I think was the Cheese Bun, din't take a photo too ):
It was very soft and chewy, the cheese inside is just the right cream-ness! Some neighbourhood bakery also got sell, its about the same lah. I rate it 7.5 Laughing Cows out of 10 because of the soft-ness of bread and creamy cheese, but it was expensive - $2 for one ):

Next is uh Mua Chee, quite common I rate it 6 gum out of 10 because its also expensive - $2 for one packet, and I don't like the taste the peanut is like from China or something.

We ate a lot, very full, so we went to make henna!
It's temporary tattoo, Indian tradition ah, many nice patterns! :D
So Eve, Darlene, Kai Li and I make on our arm! :D
The results was satisfying haha! And the artist is a male, cool or what!
You can also buy the stick and draw on your own, but I strongly suggest you don't and spend $5 on the artist so that you can get nice and pretty results on your body.
And the results are....

Soon after Ivy left first, she needa visit her friend which is also my friend, in the hospital.
Then, the 5 of us went outside because it was super cold inside the expo, the air-con like no need money one.
We chatted heartily and laugh like bimbos but we don't really care.
Then Darlene heard beat-boxing so we check it out.
It was a performance lah, so we listen to it.
Another guy played guitar and sang, and we went like all enthusiastic and started clapping and cheering for the guy xD
Hahaha coolio! Then the 5 of us were talking about the guy, say what what if your boyfriend do this to you so sweet.
Eve said later that guy came to us with his guitar LOL.
Nonsense lah this girl, but is good nonsense.
As Ying Jing needs to go meet her mother, she left too with Darlene, she's going to the flea market at *scape.


Eve - Ivy - Darlene
I think Ivy took this d:
Heheh bubbly girl xD
Fail to show my henna LOL
the cut on her foot. eve's foot xD
Guess who?
I'm done, glad that I've post this on the day itself wahahaha improvement ^^
Update soon! :D ♥ ♥ ♥

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