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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My birthday celebration!

One thing I hate about myself: I don't update events/activities on the date itself.
Urgh, but nevertheless I still write it down :)
Yesterday was Youth Day, also the day my awesome friends celebrated my birthday.
There was a surprise though: that I have no idea what are we going to do and where we are going.
So we traveled Somerset and walked to *scape.
Eve, Jianxiong & Wafir came late though.
We had lunch at Mac and we chatted about Japanese who are digustingly horrible.
Come to think of it, eeewww.....

Anyways, after lunch Dills, Yati, Cong & Fian went to book the game place and the rest of us went to pick Eve. xD
We celebrated at a place called Playstation I think, it was the most memorable & fun b'day celebration in my 16 years of life!
Not that the previous celebrations are boring, but this is a fresh and new way of celebration and I VERY MUCH ENJOYED IT!!!
Because there can play Wii, xbox kinec.
Me and the girls played Wii all the way cos we lazy to switch.
The first game we played was Super Mario Bros its like DS but very much more exciting and thrilling especially when you have EVE over there.
Plus, up to 4 players can play at the same time, which is just nice!
We were shouting and laughing at high-pitch when we do silly things in the game.
x'D, in the Mario game you can jump on each other, especially Toad, his head is so bounceh! d:
Plus you can push your team mates one you know! Super funny!
And when you die right, you will revive back inside a bubble, then Eve always die, no surprise she's so noob at video games, kept yelling like got phlegm stuck in her throat, 'paap me paap meeee!! (pop me pop me)' like that.
We played for like 3hrs? er until 6pm, then we walked to Somerset 313 to have dinner.
Thanks Fian, Wafir & Jianxiong for the cake! ^^
We cut the cake there and it was delicious! d:
And Jas, I'm watching you, for you paste cream on my cheek. >:)

It was an enjoyable and unforgettable birthday celebration! LOL.
I love it alot, I love you all more ;)

Thanks to ♥ :
Eve, Serene, Jasmine, Yingcong, Jiahong, Alfian, Wafir, Jianxiong, Ryan, Abdillah (for helping to book and all sorts).
It couldn't be more fun without you guys, I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ you all.

Photos are not up by Jiahong, will update as soon as I kop from him ;)

Birthday prezzies from my friends!

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