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Monday, June 13, 2011

Advance Birthday Celebration!

Serene, Eve, Jas, Sam, Cong, Yati & Me celebrated Serene's advance birthday yesterday at Sentosa and it was hella fun!
Firstly Eve and I went to Bugis first cos she needa do something and we wanna buy a birthday cake for the birthday girl.
On the way to Four Leaves we bought Koi! ♥ Love it so much ohmygawd.
The cake we bought has biscuit as the base! Its very nice I think it's called 'Choco' something.
Proceed to Dhoby Ghaut and met up with the rest! :)

At last we reached Sentosa, found a good spot and lay the mats and spread out the food! Yummy!
I cooked prawn crackers, Eve cooked corn, Yati & Cong brought chips and banana...?
LOL it was very exciting.
We sang birthday song for Serene and ate the cake. Yum Yum! ^^
Ate and ate, played with water and balls.
Saw alot of bikini babes & hunks at the beach, especially angmohs! *Melts*
Jasmine has a thing for AM babies. Hahah, we saw 2 very cute AM kids, girl & boy.
She like the girl. xD
Ate and played and Serene suggested we go walk walk around and stuff.
First we went to the toilet lah but was later chased out by the resort staff say what only for resort guests.
Oh well at least we have used it well. :D

Happy birthday girl is happy
Look at her cheerful smile!
Nor the prawn crackers. Its a rave okay among the kids! 
So of course in Sentosa there's sand, water, hot babes, hunks, food.
What to do?

Nice weather that day :)
Why must the foreigners be in this photo..
she's always photobombing..
Jas like the baby girl. Jas.... ;)
What are they doing? Heheheh....
'T.T What have I done Your Majesty?'
see photobomb again!!
I'm free like a bird!
Jas.. what are you doing?

You have the most cheerful smile :)
whoops what are you two doing!??!
yay i got a ball!
heading back~ 
It was around 5+ already and we decided to go to the next station, but as soon as we saw the looooooong queue, we decided to go back to Vivo.
BUTTTTTTT -----------
On the way to the tram station, an accident occur. O:
Sam was walking up the stairs when she suddenly, I think, scraped on her toe and it started to bled.
Bled, as in, bled like there's no tomorrow.
I can't tell whether she's in pain but Eve helped her to the seats and you know what?
The blood dripped. & dripped, and dripped..

Thank God we have Yati there, Yati to the rescue!
But we have nothing, no cotton wool, plaster, etc.
Eve is the wonderwoman, she called the staff and it came with a first-aid box.
The anti-septic was purple in colour my gawd.
Yes, of course Sam's in pain, she cried D:
Then bandage the big toe and the staff pressed the tape and you can picture her face.

Aww xD
Queued up and we talked on the way, it was really packed though.
Reached Vivo and we went to Jas' spa and chill.
Chill till dinner time we went to ta bao food went back to the 'spa' and ate.
Aaahhh, so nice. It was at night and the wind outside was nice, natural wind :)

Then a Philipino lady came and asked for donation. She even chatted with us and asked for our Facebook!
She was on attachment to use the donation to buy books for the poor children back there who cannot afford to buy.
I donated $1. :x

Headed back home, was very tired.
Hahah but it was fun indeed! :)

Photo time!

Chips anyone?

'gimme the chips!!' 'wait lah stupid bday girl kanchiong spider'
ooo yippee presents!
*rip rip*

This camera I think it was from Wafir, and Serene was excited to try it out.
So she did. She ripped open & began pressing the shot button.
Some clicking sounds later, it stopped clicking.
Turns out the film was used up, & she was taking nonsense photo.
Well, that escalated quickly.

The uncle also want the necklace seh

yes cong what about your foot?
I'm the main kid here hehe i'm a hipster yolo 

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