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Thursday, July 28, 2011

They may be strict, but they have a caring ♥

Help from strangers, even the littlest thing, will make you feel touched.

Something unexpected happened today in school.
During POA class, around 1.15, Mr Xie called my name, then I saw my brother's friend, looking for me.
Then I know something had happened to my bro, bad thing.
He told me that my bro had vomited during D&T class, and it seemed very bad, and was at the sick bay.
I was very worried, why does is happen on my bro?
I rushed down to the office and saw my bro lying on the bed, looking very uncomfortable.
I called for him, he seems to be sleeping, because he has no energy. Totally weak.
He was like super pale, I asked him questions he just nods his head, doesn't talk.
Then I ask the staff whether I can bring him to the polyclinic a not, then she called Mdm Soh for consultant.
Mdm Soh came to the GO and brought Mr Raja in too.
I was very worried that my brother will just collapse there, very scared.
I had permission to leave class, and the teachers brought my brother and I to the polyclinic to see doctor.
Good thing is that we 'cut-queue' and had nurses to check him whatsoever, but it was lunch break so have to wait for the doctor to come back.
My bro's lip is as white as a paper, he can hardly walk!
He had to be wheelchair-ed...
Then after that the doctor came back, and my bro's like cannot talk sia, he vomited a total of 6 times, then the doctor say is very serious. Serious.
No one's at home, mum and dad's working, big bro at school.
I couldn't remember what block my mother work as, so Mr Raja took me to find my mother.
We searched many coffee shops but at last we found her, I hugged her, thanking God for I managed to found her.
When I told her the news, she's like very frantically taking her stuff and kept asking me questions, she said on the way to KK, that her heart literally pop out her mouth.
Yes, its so serious that from polyclinic to KKH.

If not for my bro's friend and Mr Raja & Mdm Soh, dunno what will happen to my brother.
Thank God that my brother is well in the hospital.
Seeing my brother, my mother hugged him and cried. I hugged her :)
She said, 'don't dare to cry in front of your teachers'.

Thank you friend, for informing me :)
Thank you Mr Raja and Mdm Soh, for helping and caring my brother throughout the trip.
And sorry for troubling both of you, sorry.

Guess teachers are very nice people, don't you think? :)

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