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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hair For Hope

Friends Are The Flowers In The Garden, Good To See, But Wither Some Day;
True Friends Are The Diamond, Hard To Find, But Last Forever.
Today Saturday Cong, Serene & I accompanied Jiahong to Vivocity for Hair For Hope.
I couldn't find any other pictures.

The 2 mascots for HFH: Will (Boy) and Hope (Girl)

Yeap, Jiahong wants to shave his hair botak.
It's actually to let the cancer patients know that it's ok to be bald.
Of course he don't get to shave for free, he has to 'donate' a min of $20, so he donated $25.
The queue is freaking loooooooooooong, its got hundreds of shavees and kaypo people on the first and second floor.
And then I see some female shavees, some pretty ones also.
I only got one thing to say:
I respect and admire those female shavees. I thought, hair is like the most precious thing to a lady. GAWD!

The shavees and shavers. See the guy there? His head is blocking the 2011 '11', he's handsome! :S

This is one girl. Respect her

Cong, Serene and I went to Subway to eat lunch first, and I bought my Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie! :D
Its damnnnnnnnn delicious and chewy omg.
Plus, its buy one get one free!
So right 2 for $0.50 only. MADCHEAPPPPPPP!
Anyways, we went up to queue with Jiahong after lunch.
Stand for long time, Serene and me went into National Geographic to look look around.
Then, long queue already, its finally Jiahong's turn! :D
Can't wait to see his new look.
Sadly, he didn't get the outside seat, he got the middle one, which is hard for me to take picture.
And unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera.
Why? I forgot to say. I left my house, close the door and locked the gate.
After I close the padlock, suddenly the mind of 'where's my wallet?' zing through my brain.
I check my bag, 'oh fuck'.
I spam pressing the doorbell and bang the door, hoping my deep-sleeper brother will hear me.
Thank God he opened T.T

Jiahong's look is so cute!
He's face is so round and he's always make me laugh!!
I touched his head, prickly woah.
After that we bought snacks and went to the sky park to chill.
There, the sky park, got cosplay!
Many chiobu and hot guys!
Wah got this female dress as one pokemon hahah xD
Another one dress as Miku:
This character got SUPER LONG turquoise hair, is a music game character

So after seeing much cosplay, we went to the stage, apparently there's Street Festival going on there, and the band are singing J-rock songs.
I swear, it sounds like a pig being slaughtered omg the horror!
Singaporeans can't speak proper English (majority of them, including me I admit), yet they still wanna sing what, Japan songs?
I tell you, they blast the music until my ears are bleeding. The guitar, bass and drum play super loud that it sound like the singer is just yelling away.
BOOOOOOO, and the best part, after the song there's minimal clapping. HAHAHA, for an ironic twist, Serene and me purposely clap loudly in odd rhythm. d:
There, the horrible j-rock-wannabes.

My computer got error, every time I rotates a picture, it just disappear! ARGH!
Anyway, Jiahong did something meaningful today, very proud of him! :D
Will update soon!

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