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Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrating Yati's Birthday! (13.03.2011)

Sorry for the one day delay!
Was very tired last night and was lazy to switch on the com.
If only I had wireless broadband!
Went out to celebrate Yati's birthday!
The tragic incident is that Cong was locked outside his room (he's in the living room), and he can't get his belongings.
That explains the spam calls I did to him.
Haha, so he used a hammer and break the lock. Damn funny!
Me, Jiahong, Fian, Serene & Jas wanted to go eat at Seoul Garden, but is was too expensive, so we went to eat at Pastamania.
Jiahong didn't mind, he says as long as we had fun, it matters. :)
After lunching, we had no idea where to go, then Jas suggested movie?
All agree. xD

The the thing is, what movie?
We went to play arcade first, there's one shooting game we play, shoot all the gross creatues like wasps, spiders, slugs, and all.
I and Serene and Jas and Fian were screaming whenever the monster comes out.
It was totally fun, I swear.
Then we went to the cinema, and we watch 'I am Number Four'

It is a damn nice fucking awesome movie.
I rate 4.5/5. I am serious.
The guy is hot too! ^^
So it probably be like this:

Number 2 died. Oh well.
Number 3 died. Dang.
The dog got injured and was crippling on the floor. AWWWWNOOOO!!! POOR DOGGY!

The dog's leg was injured, BUT THANK GOD IT DIDN'T DIED :)
I'm glad Jiahong likes his prezzie! :D
Tomorrow there's extra class. Duhhh.... But its ok loh, at home also nothing to do. d:
Bye! :D

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