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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A sweet outing with my dearest Sister

Paiseh. The outing was umm, on 15.03.2011
d: Yes, I was too late to blog! Ok I will try to have the habit of blogging ON THE DATE, ok? :)
Sister asked me out! I'm soooooo happy leh! Very long never go out with her, miss her much!
Hehe, sucks that I have lessons yesterday. So in the end we met around like, 4pm?
Gosh, that's late.
But, we still don't care lah. We watched Gnomeo & Juliet at AMK Hub :)

Its a very nice movie! Haha, glad that we watched it!
Its got a lot of umm, thrilling scenes. I was so agitated that I screamed occasionally in the theatre.
As usual, whenever we go to AMK Hub, its hella cold.
The aircon like donnid money like that. IT'S FREAKING COLD.
Plus, the theatre inside is alot cold, good thing I brought my hoodie ^^

After the movie, its around 7+, decided to go makan :D
But AMK Hub... not much to eat, decided to go eat Japan cuisine!
No, not some fancy restaurant, the cheap cheap one! xP

While we we walking, we were talking about the earthquake in Japan..
Indeed, it is very sad... I pray for them..
Pauline say about.. its not surprising to hear the news..
Its like, as predicted loh, I'm scared lah.
But nevertheless, I'm gonna live my life to the fullest.
Not gonna thing about the negatives! ^^
Love all of you!

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