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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woodlands Waterfront with 4/1

A fun trip!
Went to Woodlands Waterfront with my class :)
Got quite a number of them go so I won't list out the names xD
I went to CWP earlier, actually on time, 12.30pm, to buy drinks for the picnic.
Went to Value Dollar shop to buy drinks, and a saw a bottled drink at 10c.
10c, its like, cheaper then plain water.
I think, if you drink that fizzy drink you will die :)
Anyway, met up with Sam & Eve and bought the food and meet with Shahrul.
Afiq board the same bus as us, so coincidence haha.
In the bus, we saw Ryan & Jx cycling.
I say look here, look here, look here.
Ryan looked, and we wave frantically like some crazy people.
He waved and told Jx, then they machiam racing us like that.
Haha it was funny xD
Walked the very loooooooooooooong distance to Woodlands Waterfront.
It was a hot weather plus we have to walk a very long distance to reach the waterfront.

Reached there, like finally.
Spot a shelter, rushed up there to chop before anyone does.
Meh, typical Singaporeans.
Put the food and drinks and the guys came here by bikes.
Haha sadly Hasz has to go off the moment she came.
Then.... we eat drink and play music through Wafir's speaker.
Heng got ball ah, then can play.
Me and Eve longbang each other, abit fail but we managed too!
The bike is like.. not suitable for us hahaha.
And I fell. =_= Cos I was riding uphill, till a point I can't ride any further, so I gostan then I cannot control I topple over.
I still can laugh, hahaha minor injuries xD
Had loads of fun with the girls :)
I hope for more outings like this! ♥

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