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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I ♥ Hong Kong's Steamboat

Its Chu San and Serene, Eve, Jasmine, Yati & Cong are coming over for steamboat!
Damn excited lah!
Heheh then picked them up at 12pm and went to my house.
Had steamboat and talk and eat and we did 2 dares: eat sea cucumber
Wahlao first round I lost to Jasmine, paper beats rock, I eat.
Small piece nvm.
Second round I lost to Jasmine again, paper beats rock, that Yati purposely picked the biggest one wahlao, but me and Cong share half half. Haha so good uh him ^^
Third round is suck the prawn head, heheheh now I smart ah, Yati turn to suck but all he can suck is air LOL.

Haha after eating steamboat we played Blackjack, got lost and earn money.
Actually I earn $9 de! Then play until earn $3 ):
Nvm better than nothing.
Played picturika something like that, damn fun!
After that Me, Serene, Yati & Cong decided to watch movie, I Love Hong Kong.

Its damn f*cking super uber funny hilarious max, laugh till I stomach pain.
I swear Cong say I was the loudest when I laughed in the cinema.
Hahah, good times! I wanna watch it again! :)

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