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Monday, November 15, 2010

What I love about Netball.

Yes. Today is the friendly match against Singapore Sports School, 'C' division.
I wasn't very nervous in the first place because it's not the first time we played against the school.
During the journey, me and Serene were playing in the bus.
And I looked outside, just nice got this Malay couple, who appears to be in a tiff.
The guy, put his arm around the girl's shoulder, who is folding her arm and have a face like someone owe her money.
Then she pushed her boyfriend's arm off.
EPIC cos me and Hazel saw it too!
Then we both went laughing ~~

Start of match, my toenail is against me! God.
But heng ah, can still run :)

During the match, I played horrible I guess because I myself also thinks that I couldn't take pressure..
I want to shoot for the team! And hear my mates cheer after a goal is scored.
I have a habit of shouting on court, I donno why just habit.
Like, reminding my team mates what to do you know. 'Jiayou' , 'left left, right right' , 'stronger hands' , etc.
After the 3 quarter, I gave encouragement for my team. 'Jiayous! Fighting!' , and after that I immediately got scolded by Coach.
I think she said I couldn't play well/properly still wanna say people.
I was like. O_O .........
Then I break down.
I think its my first time I cried because of Netball..
I don't want people to see me like this, but I simply couldn't do it.
Like that I'm suffocating myself ah.
Mdm Fauzia talk to me.. Telling me all positive thing, and I said, 'I donno what's gotten into me.'
I thought to myself, wth, why are you crying? Just for 2 sentences only then you cry??
Maybe Coach's word left a big impact on me.. But why??
Think cos I really couldn't take pressure. But Mdm Fauzia said something, 'No one is born an expert in Netball. It is slowly built up.'
So I listened to her.. and then got myself up! :)
Next quarter I played shooter.. and constantly reminding myself to balance, stay strong, stand straight, rush for the ball.
Everytime I didn't put in the shot, I feel guilty.
Yes, I admit, I have little confident and can take no pressure. C'mon, I'm sure I can do it!

After the match we had debrief, Coach told us many things.
I remember Coach said something I think its erm, important but I couldn't remember, she said it once only.
Ah, most part is about lack of communication.. and she pointed out negative and positive side during the game..
And this is what I feel about us:


I hope in future I will work harder, and don't be like a sissy when on court.

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