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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kbox + BBQ on 17 Dec 2010!

Sorry for the uber later post!
I had been going out everyday and coming home late and am too tired to on the com.
My bad! I will now post my netball outing! Sweeeeet.

So yeah, the outing is on this Friday, which is like two days ago but I must blog it cos I scared I will forget how fun and crazy that outing was.
Ok so we met out and had breakfast, very sad that Serene din't came and Jas came for BBQ.
Oh my, my girls say I got the photographer look. ^^ hehe, maybe in future I...
So had breakfast, took many many photos, then we went to Shengshiong and bought the BBQ stuff like food and the necessaries.
Was very fun we joke around and play around. Hahha! Then we came up from the basement and noticed our trolley was lost. We all find around then realised it was Jiajing & Haidah who took it and went to look for snacks. Hehe.
Then we bused to Huishan's house and put the things there, bused back to Marsiling CC for Kbox!! Weeeeeeee was fun fun fun!
I think my singing is bad ): Very nan ting loh.
Sang for 2hour and a half, travel back to Huishan's house and play cards and ate fried rice.
Uno was funnnn hahhahaha with Michelle and Nads.
I love Nads lah, she always make me laugh one, joke around and fool around. xD

It was drizzling. ): we brought everything down to the pit and then it started raining.
Curse you rain!!!!!!!!!!
And worst of all, the fire won't start ): The charcoal is lousy and it won't burnt.
But... after much perseverance and everything the rain stopped!
Hazel won't give up though, she keep saying still got hope, still got hope xD
But we brought the chicken wings, hot dogs and food that are hard to cooked, to Huishan's house and cook..
A partly failed BBQ ah. xD but it was damnnnnnn funn!!!!


Eh then we ate the food and play Pepsi Cola with Nads.
I wore my shoe, and the sole is kinda like sharp cos its new, then my turn right, the 4th step I stepped on Nad's feet, she's wearing slippers.
After awhile dno who noticed it and say 'eh Nads! why you feet bleeding?!'
Yeah, it bled. And I keep denying it wasn't me. d:
Ahh.. BBQ was the best.. Then got this cat, suddenly come to the pit, it was very adorable!
Huishan, Jas & Michelle was afraid of it. Hahahah!!
Its very gentle, Layping fed it when hotdogs, I just play with it.
It like to walked around me stroking my back and sides. xD awww...
Then I rubbed its tummy! It enjoys it! awww I want it! xD

Ok.. then.. after eat so much food I felt sick. ):
Packed up at around 9pm then we left :)
Fun fun day indeed!! xD
Here are some photos! (There are like more then 200 but i only gonna upload some. The rest is in my friend's Facebook!)

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