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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

400th post!!


Hahaha, i know, nothing to celebrate about.
But i did celebrate my 300th post. :)
I have alrd treat this eyelahhview.blogspot.com as my personal diary.
like, i will write down what happened on the day, so when i grow up, i will read my online journal, which brings back memories :)
there's no one reading my blog, no one tagging my blog, but i don't really care about it.
so....... i transform this as my personal diary. yeah.
ink down my life, my history. :D

I'm planning to keep this blog as long as i live.

today work.

Tiny's Cafe & Lounge is currently recruiting part-time/full-time staff.
If interested, email rbk-x3@live.com.sg for more details! :)

Hahah. yeah, im working there :)
Work have finished. And sam's working too ^^
ahahah. currently i dont hate this job uh..

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- Fishoutofwater. {♥}

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