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Friday, March 1, 2013

Merry March

Ahhh, the smell of March.
Time is waiting for nobody man, is 2013 gonna be like 2012? Bullet train fast?
This month I'm working less, 3 days per week!
I want to have more time with myself as well as my friends.
Take up new hobbies or whatsoever.
Poly life is coming soon, well, I kinda dread poly school :T
Not because I regret taking my course, but because I didn't really go & research what my course is about.
Like, what career will I land after I achieve my diploma.
Heck, diploma doesn't worth anything in Singapore.
Even with a Degree, the salary is also not high.

I want to be my own boss.
But, I need to complete my 3-year course in order to be a boss?
I have think through very carefully & seriously, and I've made up my mind.
The government is screwing us up, it's so expensive to live in Singapore.
I'll see how it goes when poly starts, see if I like my course or what.

Another topic I wanna share.
Sometimes I really cannot stand Singaporeans & have the strong urge to tell them off in public.
But who am I, I'm not even an adult yet.
It's something to do with graciousness and courtesy.

1• Using the escalator
It is BASIC KNOWLEDGE to stand on the left-hand side if you're not walking up or down.
Some people, got Singaporeans, PRCs, foreigners and immigrants does not understand the simple knowledge.
Especially couples.
It gets on my nerves when people are walking up/down & then suddenly got this jerk-ass person standing on the right-hand side of the escalator, 'clogging' the entire momentum.
Give way! Either you go or you stand to your left side.
I always give dirty looks to inconsiderate people.

2• On the MRT platform
What's the word? Oh yah, KIASU.
The reason why there's yellow markings on the floor is to let commuters stand behind it.
Both the long stretch of yellow line & the 'give-way-to-passengers-before-boarding' lines.
Today after my work, I was waiting for the train. This auntie stood like a milli-inches close to the door.
Not only was she doing that, I look to the side & was disgusted by the amount of people doing the same thing.
What is so hard to let passengers ALIGHT the train before you board?
Fortunately there are some people who are gracious & they stood behind the lines.
You think during peak hours, no matter how fast you enter the train, you will get an empty seat?
Chances are thinly low, aunties.
Here's a tip: If you want to grab a seat but there's none, stand in front of the seats. The probability of 1 commuter alighting the next stop is about.. *counting fingers* 50% or so.
So that's why I don't stand near the door :D

1 more thing which is an issue to people living in Singapore (you notice I didn't use the word 'Singaporeans')
Hey f*ckers, there's a reason why 'PRIORITY SEATS' is invented.
Gosh, I can't stand the sight of those able-bodied, young, healthy, fit people sitting on the priority seat, saw someone who needs it more than him/her, but looked away.
You're a heartless beast.
Now if you are observant, the priority seats are differently coloured than the rest of the seats.
But thankfully there are still angels living here, whom, regardless sitting on the priority seat or the normal one, gave their seat up to those who needs it more. (erhem, there's 1 right here).
I mean, when I gave my seat up, I feel good. (bragging mood on. Well, it's not like I'm boasting I slapped my mother & stole her money to buy LV bag right? xD)
The warm smile on the granny's face, people looking at you, like 'wah... good sia she', then they're ashamed of themselves.
This is one of the reasons why I hate taking public transport.

3• On a sheltered area
Geez, you all know most sheltered areas are narrow right?
So if it's narrow, with lots of citizens walking, what kind of brain will ride his/her bicycle on the path?
Worst thing is, WE WALKERS HAVE TO GIVE WAY TO THEM. (LOL walkers sound like zombies)
Especially those silent riders, that 'zoom' behind of you, few centimetres beside you & you get like 'f*ck I almost got langar by that f*cker'
Whenever I see a rider coming to my direction, I have this image played in my mind which, when it rode past me, I'll kick the rider real hard so he/she would fall his ass off, then I'll sprint like mad.
But, that'll never happened.

4• Discounts, discounts, more discounts please
People... there are places where you can bargain & there's shopping malls.
You don't go to Harvey Norman and ask for discount right?
I find it embarrassing to ask for discount or sort.
Like, very niao.
Especially if a guy ask for it, damn xia suey sia.
No comments, really.

5• Supermarkets 
This point has nothing to do with graciousness or courtesy.
It's a little advice.
Supermarkets, especially Cold Storage, have this 1 check-out lane called 'Express Counter' right?
Where they only allow single basket purchase, or people who only buy very few items.
Every time I visit Cold Storage, that lane will have a queue so long I think the end is somewhere in Russia.
I once saw a picture, that has the exact idea of the scenario I just described. (Unfortunately, I can't find it in Google so I'll just describe it)
There is 2 counters, something like information counters.
1 counter is for 'people who have time', and the other counter is for 'people who don't have time'
The first counter only has 1 person, while the second counter is squeezed with people.
See the irony in it?

Oh well, I have nothing to say anymore.
I just want to enjoy my remaining holiday so I won't regret it.
Shopping with Ong tomorrow, can't wait!
Bye sugarcakes ♥

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