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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My sister from another mother

Hey guys, how 'ya doing?
Ever since my computer's repaired, I'm back to my old routine: switching on the com everyday without fail.
Unless, I'm really tired & I am just plain lazy to move a muscle.
So today's a really special day; well, not for me. :-)
Do you people value 18th & 21st birthdays?
Well, personally I do. :-)
It's like, 18 is when someone who, believed to be, mature & shit. (That's why we are using the adult fare for public transport =_=)
While for 21 it's like someone officially becomes an adult. Who no longer needs that much of family financial support & to be independent, have to fend for themselves. Hahaha.
So well, I knew this beautiful girl when I was primary 2.
Her name's Pauline.
Well, I don't call her name anymore, just go by 'Jie' or 'Jiejie', because we are more than close friends, best friends.
I have another sister too, her birthday's in April, & I know just what to do & get for her 18th birthday.
I might need at least a few weeks to finish her present xD

So today, I got my donuts from Ong's parents, who gladly passed them to my block because I was forgetful & left it at her place.
I went grumpy the day before so one last time, I apologise for my attitude :D
I am looking forward to late April ;)
Damn, I think by the time her birthday arrive, we'll be starting school! Oh no!
So I must plan in advance!

Back to today, I bought Birthday Donuts for Jie.
Unique eh? ^-^
A long hand-written card, laminated, so it doesn't get crinkle or decompose & have yellow stains when it age.
And another great gift for her to wear :-)

I gave her a surprise by going over to her house with the Birthday Donuts, & sang birthday song for her. xD
I missed Sexy so much! (Her dog's name btw)
Blew the candles, took pictures, & goof around,
Sadly, I have work later in the evening so I couldn't stay for long :(
We were playing with the webcam & took many photos, but it's stored in her com.
MANY UGLY PHOTOS. I mean, if we didn't do that, it's not us.
I hope she's touched to tears hehhee.
It was a simple & pleasant surprise.
I'd do anything for my loved ones.
I really can't wait for April hehehe.

Jie, Happy 18th Birthday!
I wish the wish you wished just now will come true! (hahaha tongue twister)
I love you very, very, much.
You mean a lot to me.

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