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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goddess of Laughter

" Laughter is the best medicine "

Had focus today, Ms kok shared with us two interesting facts about Singapore currency & I'm gonna share it with you.

Fact no. 1:
All you need is a typical Singapore ten-dollar note, doesn't matter if it's plastic or not.
Look carefully at where the arrow is pointing to.
You may see it as a line, but its actually itty bitty printings of words.
Fact says that men can read fine print than women, but I only read 'Singapore' in that line.
Find it, its fun.

Face no. 2:
You need 2 Singapore $1 coins, one before 1990 and one after 1991.
As you can see, the 1990 coin's logo is different than the 1997 coin.
Ms Kok told me that there is one time before 1997 Singapore experience an economy crisis and is very disastrous (exaggerating), and the government consult a fengshui master I suppose, and is because of the 'Sad' face on the 1 dollar coin. (The crest where Majulah Singapura is engraved at, above 1990).
So after that the 1 dollar coin's logo changed to a happy face.
Another fact, notice the sides of the 1 dollar coin? Its octagon, 8 sided-shape.
It means 'prosperity' in Chinese lah.
So I am able to absorb this much when Ms Kok shares with a class.
Interesting eh?

Anyway, back to the topic.
After focus Eve, Sam, Serene and me went to Banquet and eat dinner.
As usual, we chatted heartily after the meal and start to talk and talk and eventually it lead to laughters.
Bursting out loud.
I always got ignored when I'm trying to talk to these ladies and again I got disappointed.
Another thing is I wanted to share something really funny, like super uber funny, but it's so funny that every time I get to the part, I end up laughing away.
Its like 'Alfian was like very pekchek then he *ahahahahahahwahakakaka* .
Because I was there to witness and the image keeps on replaying in my mind, like an ipod stuck on replay, replayyy~ LOL.
So the 4 of us start to compare each other's pinky and everytime me and Eve looks at one another's pinky, I don't know why but it tickle my intellect senses causing me to burst out in laughter. LOL, chimology.
Its weird and hilarious looking at other people's pinky because at the end you'll find it, weird.
Er, Yingcong's pinky made me gag like, totally, in class lah.
So in Banquet, we really don't care about our image and LOL, banging the tables and stuff.
I know, we are uncivilised, but we can't help it d: .
I ran out of breath, hurt my tummy thrice, cried twice. THATS HOW HARD I LAUGH.
And Sam told me about '100 ways to die', and one of it is laughing too hard.
The guy was laughing too hard that in the end he suffocated and had spasm, and dieOMGSHITGG.

They say laughing can distress and make you younger.
& thats why my motto of life :
"Laugh loudly and your troubles will be scared away"

Hehe, tmr's meet-the-parent session and I pray that my shoes that I ordered online will be arriving tomorrow! :)
Oh and I'll be away to Hongkong & China for school trip from 28 May to 3 June.
Miss me babes! Will update after I come back home.
Lovelove! :D

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