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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The First Lady's Day

Oh my......................
I'm am here updating my dusty blog again! d:
Of course, something special happened thats why I am writing :)
It was Eve's birthday yesterday, also Good Friday.
Went out to celebrate the day, with gang Serene, Jas, Eve, Me, Wafir, Jx, Ryan, Cong & Jiahong.
Actually the plan was to spend alot of money for it, i.e. Paintball, Kbox and swimming blah.
But it was raining at Khatib, (there was an event on the date! ): ) so we travel back one stop to Yishun to eat. Stupid right??
Ate at the Japanese food court and see the Kbox got available rooms anot, but it was fully booked ):
So we just headed to Marina Bay then! :)
The train trip was awesome, we played True or Dare. I got dared to kissed Eve, Ryan to kiss Jianxiong, Serene to do a handstand, Jianxiong to do a Cartwheel and more. Hahahah xD

Reached there and we're like 'oh haven't we been here before?' Of course!
Walked to Marina Bay the dunno whats its called and we sat and chatted all the way till late evening. It was a very awesome chat. :)
Had dinner at Marina Square, we were lost when we couldn't find the fast food. But we managed to eat at BK.
Err, it was already quite late, so we walked back to MRT and went home :)
Ahhh, it was a good day aye?
The trip in the train, as always, is filled with laughters :)
(Except for that bangla who keeps staring at us -'-)
Photos speaks more then me :)


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