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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Busan & Seoul Travelogue - Part 2

I already posted Part 1 of my South Korea trip, which is mainly our adventures in BUSAN. You can read it HERE .
The link to Part 3.


We were suppose to visit a temple - Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, but we were so tired & reluctant to wake up.
Breakfast were delivered to our room at 8a.m, but we woke up at 10.30am. Ooops!
Horrible sia us, except for Da Jie; she woke up way earlier than us.
We chomped down our meal & proceeded to checkout.
Again, we kindly asked the receptionist to help us call a taxi to Busan Station so we can catch our KTX traveling to Seoul.
Actually our train arrived at 12.35pm, but we thought it would arrive at 1pm, so we stupidly just stand in the cold weather with our train right in front of our eyes.
Huimin was skeptical because she saw our train number on the screen, but Pauline & I were firm & said no. Until the announcement broadcasted 'the train leaving at 1pm is at platform 8. Passengers heading to Seoul please board the train. Thank you.'
Luckily got Huimin who thinks it was really our train, if not we'll go crazy if we see our train leave right in front of our eyes.

The weather in Seoul is colder, goodness me.
When we reached our hotel, we could only go for one plan because there wasn't enough time to cover everything listed in our itinerary.
Thankfully we didn't had a hard time finding the Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa.

The thing about is spa is that the payment is not by cash but by tap-&-go. Kinda like in Marché's mode of payment.
We had our lunch at the restaurant & the portion is fucking huge!!,

It's really huge I swear, I couldn't finish it
How the spa looks like

It's good because we don't have to bring cash around with us.
We changed into their spa outfit & proceeded to the women changing area.
Wow, when we exited the lift, I saw boobs & pubes.
Yup, naked Ajummas & women. They just walk around nude like it was nothing. Saggy boobs & pubes were all exposed.
Some women still got cover their front but left their butt exposed.

We spent the whole day in the spa. We experienced the Red Coal Sauna, massage chair, the arcade & Ice Room!
Actually we wanted to do the normal sauna but it's a nude sauna... So we have to stripped our outfit then do the sauna.
We can't even last 10 minutes in the Red Coal Sauna haha because it was hard to breath in there. The Ice Room, we went in for like a mere 10 seconds then we went out of the room to eat ice cream.
Hahhaha it's also cold but less cold than the actual Ice Room.
The arcade there is so fun!!! So much fun hahaha!
We played pump pro, shooting game like House of Dead, MARIO KART!!! & this 3 players 3 buttons game.

Which is this! Timezone have it but not sure if it's still there now
Haven't had so much fun in arcade in a long time :)

Moving on, we had our dinner at a roadside stall & we each had Ramyeon.

The Ajumma showing us the live seafood
Mussel soup
Pauline ordered live octopus!! I tried too, it doesn't taste bad hahaha.

Aaah good bowl of Ramyeon on a cold day. The Ajumma even gave us complimentary (service) eggs because we ordered side dish.
She can even speak Mandarin so yay finally we can converse with someone comfortably in Korea hahha.


One night in Hotel Crown Insadong & the next morning we are moving to the traditional guesthouse!
But before it's time to check in, we went to the Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village.
Compared to the Busan Gamcheon Culture Village, the Fairytale Village has murals & paintings almost everywhere.
The walls, the stairs, building, EVERYWHERE!
So we spent a lot of time taking photos, obvi.

These 2 photos are actually linked. The old man look like the gramps from the movie UP
Some serious game of chess here
You have 2 prim and proper sisters and then there's me
Wait the dress code is dress?? (and oops the belt came off)
It was really cold despite the sun
oh Ariel
Welcome to my palace
Come on in
My favourite guard

I cannot stop stressing how cold the weather was; when the wind blew I could feel my face became hard.
Before we left we passed by a churros stall & decided to get one each.
It cost 1500Won & 500W for sauce. Mine was chocolate sauce, it taste like Nutella but more liquid-ish.
The stall owner even gave us a free churros & said, 'service yiyeo'.
Churros was taaasty!!
There's so many service given to us :D

While we were nearing the Hanok, a kind stranger spoke to us in English & asked us where are we heading.
Upon showing him & another man (they both know each other) our itinerary, the man kindly led us to the right way.
So, so, so helpful!! Thank you!!

Our Hanok host speaks Chinese & his hospitality is very good!
Showed us room tour & let us know the amenities & how to use them, etc.

The art pieces, mattresses and heated floor is the authentic experience 
That's our host right there!
Afterward we went to Bupyeong Underground Shopping Mall to, obviously, SHOP!!
Gosh it's been a while since I pamper myself!
But I'm saving it for Myeongdong!!!

Lastly we ordered delivery but this time we only had fried chicken because unfortunately the delivery for meals like noodles & rice are mostly closed. :(
But it's fine, we will do so again (hopefully).


Today is all about SHOPPING!!!!!
Actually our itinerary has 3 venues to go to - Hongdae, Ewha Womans University & Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall. but we managed to go only the 1st 2.

When we reached Hongdae, wow it's really like the youth corner. Their dressing are rather similar, but not negative in a way.
It is a fucking big shopping street, street stalls here & there, buskers too!!
You'll see crowds surrounding buskers in one spot & when you continue walking, you'll see another same thing.
So basically we just shop, shop & shop!! I got some gifts for my friends here too ^-^.

Tips: There are several shops that sells the same things and at the same price, but you can also find shops that sells at a lower price. 
There are a lot of shops that sells really stylish and cute socks but look for the ones that cost between 1000Won and 1500Won for each pair.

Sometimes I would continue walking to see if I see the same thing.
We spent almost half the day there & then when we're on the way back, we saw this street food stall that sells egg bread.
It looks super appetizing so we each ordered one. End up we bought another one hehehe because it's so daaaaamn good.

It's really super delicious!! & it cost 1000 Won!
Moving on to Ewha Womans U, well I can say we did not spend a lot here...
We had street food as our dinner & it was, without saying, deliciousssss!!
Our day ends here because it gets hella cold at night & our legs are giving up on us.
Well, I'm so happy with my loots!
You can really shop a lot in Hongdae no kidding. We couldn't scavenge the whole of Hongdae because we do not have enough time hahaha!


Everyday we sleep late & wake up early, is seriously not for me man.
We had ramyeon outside the convenience store like what you'll see in K-Dramas hahah gotta live the life man.
The first thing we gotta do is rent a Hanbok at Oneday Hanbok & take pictures at Gyeongbokgung Palace but when we are arrived at the rental palce, there were sooo many people waiting in line.
We forgot to make a reservation & unable to do so the day before our intended rental.
So forget it, in the end we went to the Hanbok rental place that is under the metro station near our hotel.
It's cheaper & no one is there, so we get full personalised service from the lady.
The girl helped us matched our costumes and really friendly!!
Obviously we cabbed to the palace & obviously we took a lot of photos...

Aiyoh the boy behind
Look super Korean here
What am I doing
One must be demure in a Hanbok

We had 4 hours of rental so after we finished exploring we went to Bukchon Hanok Village.
Apparently it's very near the palace so we attempted to walk. But we are not sure if we arrived at the correct place & well, it wasn't a nice place to take photos...

End up we returned the costumes at 3.30 & the lady said we were early hahaha.
She was so friendly & pretty, striking conversation with us, we wanted to take a photo with her!

Our next activity was Dongdaemun, but when we arrived there... Ok lah not sure whether we dunno where to walk or really there's nothing much to shop.
I think is we dunno where to go hahahah.
Since we have so much time left we might as well go to the Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall we didn't had the chance to go the day before.
Okay this one we also shop like mad... Unfortunately, we couldn't explore the whole of the area.
You know we entered a shoe shop & Da Jie wanted to buy this pair of boots. The shop staff offered her 120,000W, obviously it's expensive!! She gave the contemplating face & he told her to quote price. she quoted 60,000W & he increase to 70,000W.
After much consideration, he gave it up at 60,000W!!! 
Crazy man, HALF PRICE SLASH!!!
I think this shoe shop is out to con tourists...

Dinner we wanted KBBQ, & Da Jie wanted to go to this KBBQ House that Girl's Day Minah uploaded a video of the grilling in Instagram.
In the end we couldn't manage to find it and we settled down in a grilled restaurant but they only serve chicken.
The waiter was so friendly & chatted with us! His service is 100% man!!
The chicken is great, I tried their CASS beer & it's so much better than our Tiger.
I saw a certificate that awards that best pub or whatever ah hahahha.

The name of the BBQ house in Gangnam I suppose. Sorry for the poor quality
Yup that was our last stop of the day & we headed back to our hotel.
Man it feels good to be in the hotel, away from the cold. :D


Help, I spent the most today.
Our first activity of the day was Bau House, a dog cafe!!!
So excited!! We went there too early but we saw some of the dogs. One dog popped his head up above the fence & looked at us.
We went to have our breakfast/lunch first since the dog cafe opens at 1.30pm. The restaurant we ate specialise in stew, kinda like Korean Army Stew.
We just ordered Kimchi stew with a packet of Ramyeon & 3 bowls of rice.
The stew was. DAMN. GOOD!!!
I cannot handle spicy food but this kimchi is soo good!! It is sour and spicy at the right level!!!
Furthermore, I haven't stress that I LOOOOOVE LOVE LOVE KOREAN RICE SO MUCH!! (& Jap rice too) because it's stickier & smaller (?)
For the 1st time since our meal, one of the side dish was potatoes instead of kimchi.
We finished the ramyeon & contemplating whether we should get another packet because well, I was scared that Huimin & I couldn't finish our food...
But we did so anyway hahah because it's so tasty!!!
& the bill is only 6600WON per person!!
If it's in Singapore, a korean army stew restaurant can easily eat up at least $12 per pax??

We went back to the Dog Cafe & daaaamn we got so excited!!
The doggies are so cute!! THE BIG ONES ARE OMGOSH!!!
I wanna bring all back home :(
Admission is free but you have to purchase at least 1 drink.
But expensive ah the drink, then we also bought treats for the dogs.
You can only feed the big ones & not the small ones. & when they saw you with a treat, they all surround you.
The staff taught me how to make them sit, so I said 'sit' in hangul, then tried saying 'shake', & some of the dogs obeyed!!,
It was my 1st time going to a dog cafe & what an experience :)

 I love it when the dogs sat beside my thigh & on my laps heheh


 What a sweetheart...

I want this dog!!!!

Like a baby hehehe

Next was MYEONGDONG!!!!
Gosh where do I start. Basically we shop, shop, SHOP & SHOP.
Mainly cosmetics & skincare. The street food here is also different but more expensive then in Busan or Hongdae.
I swear, the bags that I was carrying were soooo f*cking heavy I swear my shoulder & arms are breaking.
It's really crazy here in Myeongdong. There are at least 3 same brand of shops in the Myeongdong. That means if you just stepped out of Etude House, you just walk a while more & you'll see another Etude House.

After so long of shopping & walking, we get hungry really fast & Korean street food are so yummy!!!

This is like crab carbonara, it's good!
This is just so-so for 3000W..
Now this particular jjajangmyun stall, is very interesting.
This man take pride in his job! He is very enthusiastic in serving the customers :D
He also said 'jjajangmyun 3000W, take photos no fee!' He can even speak Japanese & Mandarin.
The noodles was very Q-Q! But I had the runs after eating ooops.

From 4pm we shopped until 10pm+, cabbed back to the hotel because we could've walk anymore, much less with heavy bags.
Then the cabbie brought us to the wrong hotel (even though we showed him the hotel name card with the address & map) & he missed the turn to the hotel.
Oh well, what to do.

& I have to buy a big bag to put all my loots in. I still haven't buy food snacks. :)


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