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Thursday, April 11, 2013

SP Flag Day

Heya guys.
So today I have flagday, the 3rd time I'm doing since sec 4.
Cut to the chase, my venue is at Tampines.
F*cking far! Took me an hour to reach there.
By the time I've reached, my classmates are already dispersed & starting collecting money.
I see many freshmen around Tampines, so I went near the bus interchange knowing there will be a lot of human traffic.
Since I have some experience from my 2 previous flagdays, I knew how to scan for people.
So if you are doing flagday soon or in future, I have some advice for you :)

Who to approach:
1. Someone who is carrying label bag.
I first see if they're carrying LV or Gucci or Prada bags, then I approached them kindly.
Chances are, 4/7 will donate to you :)
Well for others, I don't know.
They have the big bucks to buy leather goods but no money to drop in my can.

2. Parent(s) with child(ren).
This I confirm go up to them & first smile at the parent then to the kid.
However... out of the few parents with kids I approach, only 2 give the coins to the kid to put in my can.
I am so, very disappointed and irked by it.
This is the reason why kids are not donating..
Parent does not set a good example, does not teach them when there is an opportunity..
If I were to bring my kid out & someone approach me, I'll definitely give the money to my kid & let him/her to donate it.

3. Students.
There were many ITE students there, because I think College East is there? I think.
Well, don't look down or think all ITE students are bad or how society already sees them.
There are actually nice & generous ITE students.
Many Malay students donated to me :)
And there was this Malay student with tattoos on his arm donated to me.
See? I was ashamed of myself because I used to see ITE students in a bad light. (But not my friends who are in ITE)
This is what we call stereotyping. I admit this because I witness & experienced some of their kindness.
So as the saying goes, DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

4. People who are holding on to their wallets.
This, they have their wallets on their hands so it's easier for them to take their money out & drop it in the can.

Well this section does not means you only go for the types of people I've mentioned out okay.
It means if you see these kinds of people you can go for it.
Other people you also can give it a shot lah, you know what I mean?

Who NOT to approach:
1. People who are rushing for time.
Obviously this is common sense. You see them speed-walking means they are late for something. (Or maybe that's their walking speed but most probably they are rushing for time).

2. People who are wearing earpiece or earphones.
I find it rude to approach people when they can't hear you.
Okay lah maybe you can like gesture your tin cans to them.
Even though I put this in the 'who not to approach' right, I still approached them :x
Well, give it a shot!

To me, it was a fruitful experience.
Because I can see how fake people are & the ways they try to avoid me.
Like walking behind me or walking further away from me or turning their head 90 degrees away from me.
Or totally ignoring me without looking me in the eye when I waved & greet them.
When they walked away I just muttered 'oookaaay....' with my wide grin.
Out all hundreds of people I approached, there is this 1 guy who said 'sorry'.
And this 1 girl whose look is so arrogant like it depicts 'wtf sucks to be you get away from me.'
She walked away, I turned to her back, with that grin on my face, & muttered again, 'ooookaay... f*ck you too.'
I found out it's not easy to do charity work.
But I find it meaningful!
I want to do some volunteering work if I have the chance!
Imagine every single citizens living in Singapore donated $1, how much would there be for the charity?

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