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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


April 2
Sorry, I could have blogged this yesterday on the day itself but I have other things to do. :(
Yesterday was my polytechnic course mates outing.
Well, some of them wanna bond a little first before orientation programme starts.
It was kinda awkward at first, there's only 2 guys present out of 14 of us.
& what I dislike is that, what someone says, or exclaim, when they see me for the first time is they'll go like 'WAH WHY YOU SO TALL??!!' or 'WAH YOU VERY TALL LEH!!!'.
Through my Facebook & Twitter & maybe blog, I have announced that I don't like when people call me that.
Well, if they saw me for the first time then I'll give it a pass, but what irks me is that when people keep saying that.
I certainly hope they won't be like that.
You don't like it when I say 'WAH WHY YOU SO SHORT AH?' or 'EH SIALAH YOU SHORT LEH.'

Well we had our lunch at Pizza Hut, it was hard to communicate because of the big group..
After lunch, we kinda split before one side wanna shop & another side want to go sing KTV @ Safra.
Oh I met this course mate, we have so much in common!!!
She's called Aishah.
We are YG lovers, we like Bigbang & 2NE1, we couple G-dragon & CL together, we watch Running Man, & One Piece, we don't have Instagram!
I bet we have much more in common that we still don't know! Looking forward to see her in school! xD

Nor, she's the one on the right.
Both Hafiza & Aishah are Malay, I'm Chinese, yet I look tanner than them! xD

Final shopping trip with Ong before school starts. u__u
First we going our stuff @ Ion Orchard & grabbed gelato!

Happy girls cos they got their gelato!

I got the popular flavour, can't remember the name.
Something like Pistachio or something.
Very delicious!!!
BONUS: Their toppings are unlimited!! But their amount of toppings are limited.
Only rainbow micro balls, chocolate rice & mini marshmallows.
Ong spammed the rainbow balls like crazy.

She wanted to get some apparels in H&M we each got a pair of shorts & a dress!
It's very hard to find dresses for us...
Then, Eve spotted our friend, Xueyi!
She was there with her guy friend, so the 3 of us shopped together until she have to leave first & she went to the cashier.
Had our dinner @ Bugis+ at the same Japanese restaurant again... This time I couldn't finished the food..
I have sinned... :(
It was really salty & the taste is too.. like the more you eat the more sick you feel.
Took the bus home together and it was a long & cold ride.
She was overjoyed with her H&M buys ahahha!
Okay, I shall stop here & cry in a corner until orientation start.

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