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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 4

Whoops, forgotten to update yesterday, my bad.
Physics was manageable I guess, many of the things I've studied didn't came out =_=. So frustrating.
Section B was like, okay you know what? It's over & I shall not talk about it :)
I still left POA & Mother Tongue. Actually I also have another paper, Science MCQ, but I didn't add it in haha.
I'm gonna repeat this gazillion times: I'M DREADING MOTHER TONGUEEEEEEEEE.
If I don't a distinction, I'll be wasting my time as well as my parents' money.
We see how it goes...
Sigh, why can't I do it once, do it right. Regret man.
Still, there's no room for regret, must work towards the future & not harbour on the past.
LET'S GO!!!!

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